More incredible Battlefield: BC shots

CVG writes:

Does this look as good as Crysis or what?

Following on from Monday's dev trailer, EA has deployed several new screenshots of Battlefield: Bad Company - and it's looking flippin' great

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predator3947d ago

this has just shot up my list, looks really good, if they can get the gameplay spot on this could be a sleeper hit of 2008

HeartlesskizZ3947d ago

This game is looking very nice but this Screens aren't new

vaan3947d ago

You think it will hit a smooth frame rate with that texture quality?
I sure hope so.

Black Rose3947d ago

I hope so 2, this game is turning to be a must get on day one

micro_invader3947d ago

Amazing screenshots :D I'm really looking forward to this game.

Btw I'm loving the smiley on the grenade, very nice touch :P

predator3947d ago

yes that was i nice touch, lets hope that makes it to the final version.

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The story is too old to be commented.