3D super chips promise ten-fold speed bump

If his plans are successful, the inventor of flash memory is just a few steps away from delivering three-dimensional semiconductors that will give us processing chips running at ten times the speed of current-generation designs.

Fujio Masuoka, CTO of Unisantis Electronics in Japan, has announced a deal to work on his 3D chip designs with Singapore's Institute of Microelectronics to take advantage of the island nation's government facilities and specialists.

All of which means we could soon be using CPUs that make current cutting-edge architecture like the Cell look like a horse-drawn cart.

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Multigamer3941d ago

jesus, the cell will be obsolete within a year, thats nuts

ruibing3941d ago

Umm I think it applies for ALL x86 processors. And you should consider the complexity of programming for a chip like this.

Saint Sony3941d ago

Yeah great thing, but it will surely take more than 1 year to see them in production and IN products like consoles.

emaddox843941d ago

The complexity would be the same, actually. 3d chips are simply 3d versions of the traditional flat chip. Instead of circuitry only going across a flat surface, the circuitry also goes up and down different levels, like a multistory building I suppose. This allows for shorter distances between two points, that is the advantage as electronic signals reach their destination much faster. The main problem with such a chip, however, is the heat dissipation.

nirwanda3941d ago

Interesting what you said about the cooling it got me thinking that he's going to start with a simple two tier processor you can build from either side and cool from both sides the distance saved in die size would mean less power needed and less heat and more speed and easy to mass produce

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OmegaKulu3941d ago

Cool, but this will take years before it's actually out on the market(if it can make that far first).

predator3941d ago

not that long according to the article

nanometric3941d ago

I bet the samsung console will be with this!

Polluted3941d ago

Sounds neat, but 6 months ago the next big thing was supposed to be quantum computing. How you can perform complex calculations by measuring the spinning velocity of an electron is beyond me, but apparently it works. The point being someone's always got an idea for some sort of processor that's going to blow the old x86 architecture out of the water. Hasn't happened yet. It's been what? 20 years? I'm all for new tech, but I'll believe this when I see it.

Anyone else notice that they chose "horse-drawn-cart" for a hotlink in this post?

predator3941d ago

lol. anyway back to the article, i agree with you, but evryday someone says they have new technology thats goign to blow the socks of the nearest thing.

problem is as soon as new tech is released it becomes obsolete a day later

emaddox843941d ago

As a computer science grad, I can tell you that the idea of 3d chips has been around for awhile. It is a much more practical approach to increase cpu performances than quantum computing. The difference is, quantum computing is a lot of theory as of now, while 3d chips is simply an improvement over current chips to allow shorter distances between two gates on a chip. Quantum computing would require a complete overhaul to the way we approach computers and programming. When people hear "3d chips" they probably marvel in the idea, but it's simply like having a 5 story building instead of a really long 1 story building. It will most likely take less time to go up a floor or 2 to get to your destination than to walk the whole distance of a 1 story building.

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The story is too old to be commented.