EA CEO says in-game ad estimates "widly optimistic"

According to an interview with EA CEO John Riccitiello, analysts predicting in-game advertising as the next booming industry are a little too hopeful. Riccitiello does agree that this facet of the video game market will eventually flourish, but he believes it will be a long time before it gets to the level of expectations that has been created.

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mighty_douche3881d ago

EA CEO says in-game STABLE FRAME RATES are "widly optimistic"...

ravinash3881d ago

I do have to agree with this.
In game advertising is a very focused market for a small % of the total population.
Ads would be for things like other games, or maybe car stuff on car racing games. Unless there is a HUGH uptake in consoles both 360 and PS3 I don't see the namebers they were saying there.