GameSpot reposts Kane & Lynch Video Review

GameSpot has reposted Jeff Gerstmann's video review for Kane & Lynch: Dead Men, which had been reedited to include new gameplay footages. [ Notes: GameSpot says in its weekly podcast 'The HotSpot' (see Alternative Sources) that the original video review was removed for reediting. ]

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Bull5hifT3942d ago

the guy looks like a piggy at the end when it stops.........the extra game play fotage made me wanna play it slightly more

MK_Red3942d ago

Could anyone compare it to the original? What changes / edits have been done? I don't remember much.

gamesblow3942d ago

I didn't see any, myself... I think they're just saying that so they don't look more foolish than they already do.

andron6663942d ago

Check out the original on youtube and compare.

They had to put it up again and gave a lame excuse.

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The story is too old to be commented.