GAME merger given greenlight by Competition Commission

The merger of High Street specialists GAME and Gamestation has been given the all clear by the UK's Competition Commission.

However, the sticking point for the inquiry was the subject of second-hand software sales, with the body revealing that the inquiry Chairman had to use her casting vote to give the merger the go ahead.

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Dark_Overlord3881d ago (Edited 3881d ago )

overpriced sh*tty game selections here I come, then again f*ck it I'm sticking with online shops.

This has got to be one of the worst possible things that could have happened to the games market over here, GAME is overpriced, has a poor selection of games and gives you a pitiful amount for trade ins, while gamestation isn't much better, it is better by being cheaper, having a bigger selection of games and they offer you more for trade ins. I wonder if all the gamestations will keep their pricing policy, or if they will now use GAMEs pricing.

coolfool3880d ago

That shops like gamestation would provide good competition for GAME; driving costs down etc. etc. This merger pretty much see's the end of high street game buying (well for anyone in the know).

I also think GAME's bundle deals on consoles is rubbish. They only ever seem to include games they are trying to shift rather than the games they know people will buy. That way the get rid of the games they want to move and people will buy the the actual games they want anyway. It's a double win for them!