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Square Enix compares Wii, Xbox 360 and PS3; talks DLC, sequels and future

In an interview with CNET Japan, Square Enix president Youichi Wada talked about his company's future strategy and the state of the game industry, saying all segments (software, hardware as well as the arcade business) are performing very well.

Asked about the three new consoles, Wada explained, "The Wii is the antithesis of the Xbox 360. (Xbox 360) is strictly for hardcore gamers. The attachment rate for the Xbox 360 is much higher than for the Wii. People who buy the 360 really like games... I think the current trend is that most people aren't buying the Wii as a game machine, but as a toy... It seems that Sony isn't sure what it wants to do. Is it making high-end electronics or a game console for gamers? I want them to clearly define their console."

Wada disputed his interviewer's suggestion that Square Enix had recently released a lot of sequels and remakes, "It's not that we are not investing in new franchises. It's necessary to do new games, franchises and remakes. With remakes, we're trying to expand the outlook of that world. If you look at our profits, franchises are 60 percent of our business, while new IPs are 40 percent. There's a misconception that we rely only on Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest, while these titles only make half of our business. It's just that people keep asking for new installments."

In addition, Wada also talks about downloadable content, the future of the retail business, Square Enix's position in the game center business, Taito (a Japanese arcade developer owned by Square Enix), and the company's future.

[ Notes: The original source is Japanese. See and alternative sources for different English summaries. Translated quotes are lifted from Kotaku. ] (Dev, Industry, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

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hardmetal  +   2987d ago
He said: "It seems that Sony isn't sure what it wants to do. Is it making high-end electronics or a game console for gamers? I want them to clearly define their console."

I say: It's both!
achira  +   2987d ago
i think the same way. it can only be positive, if it is both.
WilliamRLBaker  +   2987d ago
it can only be good
so....if they concentrate only on a high end electronic device *which its not* then a game machine falls by the way side....if they concentrate soley on a game machine then the (laugh) high end electronic device falls by the way side...
dhammalama  +   2987d ago
"It can only be good." - willyboy
I agree with you on that. I disagree, however, that it is not a high end electronic device? How is it not?
- It has an advanced optical drive
- a cutting edge processor
- wireless connectivity
- full hdmi and 7.1 audio out
----------------- gigabit internet connectivity
----------------- a harddrive
----------------- and connectivity for virtually all types of memory cards and external storage.

So, uh, where is it that it falls short of being a high end device? Eh, willyboy?

Edit - I think it could be classified as a high end electronic gaming device with extensive multimedia features.
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Bladestar  +   2987d ago
It can only be good for Playstation fans... but not for 3rd party developers... you missed the entire point he was trying to make...
"The attachment rate for the Xbox 360 is much higher than for the Wii. People who buy the 360 really like games"... do you think 3rd party developers care or benefit from Sony trying to make a system that can do it all... or from Sony blu-ray business of selling movies? 3rd party developers making games only care and should care about how well their games sell... And when they don't let his comments confused you... the fact that he mentioned software attach rate the wii and the PS3 on the same paragraph is a fact that they are paying close attention to the software attach rate.... also, when he says, "(Xbox 360) is strictly for hardcore gamers."... Square for the most part only make hardcore games... what do you think Final Fantasy is? a casual game?

Also, don't think for a second that if Square jumps in... japan will not be forced to do the same... The PS3 life depends on 2 3rd party companies; and this is one of them.
Cyrus365  +   2987d ago
Yeah I'm suring there looking at attach Rate, but FF series usually sells the best in Japan, and whether you want to admit it or not. It won't come out on 360, cause frankly 500 K Total 360 sold in 2 years is not enough. Even if you think 360 will sell another 250 K in another year before the release of FFXIII. The only way this could ever happen, Msoft Cuts a HUGE check.

Hell I'm sure they are (Square-Enix) hoping that FFXIII or Versus, etc. sell in 1 week atleast 500K, considering PS3 version of Dragon Warrior 6 sold about 175 K in 1 week, and PES Sold in japan in 1 week about 150 K, and we all know FF series has a bigger following and demand.

There more likly to jump to Wii than they will on 360, if anything. But your right there looking at how well recent "Hot games" are selling on PS3 vs. IE how well Hot Shot Golf 5 sold in it's first week and to date, PES, etc. which has sold just as well as Mario Galaxy for exame, Yet Wii has 3 x the base units. And obviously has sold better than anything on 360 in japan.
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Bombomb  +   2982d ago
Man this where Sony
has confused and Split the market, It has a game console competiting with the other markets it competes in.

-If you can get a PS3 why bye a Sony Blu-ray player?

-This leads to NON, I repeat NON gamer s buying the PS3 for other purposes.

-Then leads to the user-base being skewed and you wander why games do not sell well or have not.

-I bet you 20% of PS3 owners don't play much games. I have seen so many no gamers recommend the PS3 just for movies, it's insane.

Now if you buy a Wii or 360, while the 360 can do DVD movies you know it's games first then anything Extra MS throws at ya, Divx and such.
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Prismo_Fillusion  +   2987d ago
From the interview, it seems as if he's saying that if the path each system is taking doesn't change...they'll start to develop much more for the 360 and much less for the other systems.

The flaw with that is that I think many of the "hardcore" 360 owners aren't into JRPGs nearly as much as the "hardcore" PS3 owners. (hardcore in quotes, because I think the term is overused and meaningless in most cases)

Also, I'm sure the PS3 will sell many many more units by the time the SE games start coming out on the system. And hopefully Wii owners support SE by buying the new FF:CC game (I really think they made it just to test the Wii waters).
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ceedubya9  +   2987d ago
I think that Square games would sell well on any platform
Its all about the name. You stick an unproven RPG on the 360 or any platform for that matter, and yeah, they probably won't sell well. But if you stick a Final Fantasy out there, then people start looking. JRPGs aren't guaranteed to sell by the truck load. But Square-Enix is a well known name in the RPG world amongst hardcore gamers. You have to remember, there were actually people out there that had original xboxes that also had PS2s. So to say Xbox players aren't into JRPGs as much is a bold assumption. It could just be that in the past, there wasn't much quality in that area to choose from (if any).
PS3 Limps on and on  +   2987d ago
I think this was true before. But now Sony it getting their game on.

I look around and I see Warhawk expansion coming for PS3 in December, I see Unreal Tournamnent III bringing some seriously online play for PS3 in December.

Prices are getting better. I say the PS3 is a gaming machine. The PS3 knows what it wants to be now and 2008 will further prove it.

Are you gonna hold it against PS3 because it allows people to have high defintion playback? It it a high Defintion console, to have the best experience, HDTV is recommended.

I'm sorry but PS3 is headed in the right direction now. In a way they were almost lucky that they fell off their horse so early with horrible sales. Got them grounded back to reality.
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ruibing  +   2982d ago
To think a week ago, your attitude was like this towards the PS3.
gamesblow  +   2987d ago
this is very old... He said the same thing back in Sep, right before TGS... so, either he's on repeat or this is old. Take your pick.
PS3 Limps on and on  +   2987d ago
your right
I've heard the exact same thing before. It's either an old interview or this dude feels really strongly about this and says it all the time.

Either way I think PS3 got the message.
ruibing  +   2987d ago
He wants Square Enix as one of the top 3, it will be difficult with JRPG. I mean I love them to death, but friends of mine who are into DnD and western RPGs don't think as highly of them for some reason. They've tried to make shooters before with Dirge of Cerberus and it didn't play out so well.

I think they should concentrate on quality instead of a goal like this, or they'll soon forget where their roots are. I really will curse the day when they made a western RPG.
goldenxbox  +   2987d ago
They don't think as highly of it because its not as good !!!
Japanese RPGs have effemenine males all the time, and weird schoolgirl ridden plots !!!

Blue Dragon was the best original JRPG I've played in a while with a story to match !!!!!

Western RPGs are still preferred much more, especially Fable !!!

Fable destroys Final Fantasy and kicks it twice over !!!!!!

You can do everything in Fable, you can run around down a linear path with guys who have leather fetish in Final Fantasy !!!

Your friends are smart people, they see the superiority of WRPG !!!!

That is the western based format, with the most WRPGs of all rather than a Japanese system crowded with JRPG !!!!!

And I still love Blue Dragon, but love my Sacred 2 even more !!!!!
power of Green  +   2987d ago
Social gaming is key" its just not hardcore gamers its the world arcade scene thats very popular with harcore and casual social gamers alike(Lots of hybrid AAA's don't hurt either).

Square Enix needs games that are somewhat grounded(western taste) and they need to show the West they want to please us instead of making half assed attempts for the west. Support Western markets even on western hardware thats the first step I'v read something like this before they wan't to expand.

Their Japanese arrogance is greater than their innovation(no ones going to buy games on pedigree and legacy anymore).
#5 (Edited 2987d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
power of Green  +   2987d ago
I can tell they wan't to tap into the western market thats thriving but they're afraid of risk, they do not know how to branch out with ideas that will appeal to the west.

In my opinion all they have to do is be fair to both Eastern and Western markets don't play favorites and the west will see this(tone down the wackiness and over the top drama and they'll do fine(Example: MGS4 has some fuccin strange sh*t in it, can't even take it serious).
#6 (Edited 2987d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
chrno6  +   2987d ago
Have u even played the metal gear series?? The wackiness is part of its charm, which makes it special when compared to the blend and dull spinter cell. Also, no one cares about Sam as he does not have any "character" unlike Snake.

You said the Japanese are arrogant, but as a Canadian I see u average Americans more arrogant than anyone else in the world.
vaan  +   2987d ago
Wow green still a loser I see. You b1tch about anything not remotely FPS or Western.

Metal Gear Solid is just fine, and since when has the West been in any way innovative in gaming? Banging out FPS after FPS? You are seriously talking out of your trolling @ss.

"Their Japanese arrogance is greater than their innovation(no ones going to buy games on pedigree and legacy anymore)."

Japanese games never got were they are today without being original or innovative you dolt. Here is a few ground breakers NOT made by western companies.
Legend Of Zelda & FF (birth of story telling RPG)
Super Mario (birth of 2d platformers)
Super Mario 64 (all 3d platformers since owe it all to this)
SF2/King Of The Fighters etc (birth of fighting games)
Virtua Fighter (3d fighting 1st)
Shadow Of The Colossus
Master System
Mega Drive/Genesis
Playstation 2
Playstation 3

Yeah, they have done nothing for gaming.
#6.2 (Edited 2987d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
power of Green  +   2987d ago
Americans arrogant about video games?, Vids have recently become mainstream. It was almost taboo to admit you were a gamer on the street here in the states a few years ago.

Japan on the other hand view themself as the god fathers of the trade the leading force and birth giver. They have acades all over thier cities. Its part of their national identity.

Your opinion about American is your opinion I can careless we're talking about Square here.
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PS3 Limps on and on  +   2987d ago
PS3 and 360 are on the same level
In my opinion they are consoles for gamers. The PS3 has been getting killed because 360 is the better gaming machine so far.

PS3 is slowly having to get back to form because of this.

Now Wii is a different story, to me that console is a failure to gamers. I don't care how much it sells. Look around n4g full of hardcore fanboys. Nobody on here gives a crap about the wii.
Prismo_Fillusion  +   2987d ago
You act like it's a bad thing the Wii doesn't have many fanboys on N4G.
Honeal2g  +   2987d ago
thats because there fanboys go to bed around 8:00pm
they also nap around 12:00 and get picked up from school at 3:00. for the slow ones out there i am insinuating that they are toddlers ... Nintendo Wii will be forgoten after Brawl and i;m not knocking that game cause it most likely will own but in the wake of GTA4 and the onslaught of ps3 AAA titles as well as, DMC4, Ninja Gaiden 2, etc etc the Wii wont stand a chance ..ofcourse it will sell consoles like crazy software is wat matters, and i honestly think even the ps3 will have a higher attach ratio ..which really says something
vaan  +   2987d ago
So he's saying Wii owners don't buy sh1t for games huh?
peksi  +   2987d ago
wada wada wada...
theoneandonly  +   2987d ago
I'm actually starting to like Yoichi Wada finally...............
Honestly, I thought Square-Enix was a bonafied sony-whore and would never change but the way he is talking makes me wonder if there's hope yet......

See the thing is, we don't want Final Fantasy. And yes, that's what we relate most of all to the Square-Enix brand: Final Fantasy.

Final Fantasy has gone downhill into a myriad of mediocrity and spinoffs with leather tights like FFX-2, ever since the end of Final Fantasy 6.

That's why we buy so many copies of say Blue Dragon.....we like the old Squaresoft, when it was all about the story and gameplay.

So we aren't against JRPGs: We "pro-Microsoft" people come from the PC world, and will be flooding the market all the more.....

We prefer our RPGs "CLASSIC", whether its Blue Dragon, or Elder Scrolls 4.

And I think we really agree with Hironobu Sakaguchi, the Square-Enix series from one standpoint has gone completely to the dogs.....with more "mediocre" final fantasies....

If Square-Enix will develop games I love for the Xbox360, I will buy them. Simple as that. I will buy Last Remnant day one.

If they don't develop games I love for Xbox360, I won't buy them. Simple as that. And I won't buy them on another system, either.

If Square-Enix decides to get into much more multiplatform mode.....I will at least respect Sony to some degree for letting Square-Enix off the "CHAIN" and letting them develop games everywhere.

As I have to tell you, Sony fanboys are the worst thing I've ever seen.

I would agree that sometimes, Microsoft fanboys take it too far but in my experience Sony would appear to have the worst fanboys in the world.

They are honestly defensive about every single thing. See, the difference is Microsoft fanboys don't break down and cry when you diss Halo, Forza, Gears of War or their other big games like the Elder Scrolls series.

Sony fanboys launch a hissy fit, and start trashing everyone's system, whenever someone disses Metal Gear Solid or Final Fantasy, or anything else.

They literally do, and I've seen it over and over again.

And by the way, Sony fanboys are typically the worst because that is all they seem to care about. Even though Splinter Cell has been a much better game to millions of people, Sony fanboys continue to blindly trash everybody and hold up Metal Gear like its the messiah.

Or the second coming.

And I'm here to be clear about something: It isn't, it never was, and it is never going to be.

But Sony fanboys would have you believe otherwise!!!

Oh yes, they would have you BELIEVE and "CONVINCE YOU" that these games are the second coming of christ....even when they're average.

And frankly, thats what I love about Microsoft fanboys compared to Sony fanboys nowadays: they at least are not delusional and know how many severe flaws are on their "precious" games.....

Both lists coming in 2008 look great, and the 360's exclusive list simply excites me and many others more. Period. The PS3's excites us less, and always has.

There's no crime in the foul. Period.

Not everybody worships games like Metal Gear Solid where the first instance of story has a bisexual vampire like hoodlum show up and then it degenerates into a sequence of events where you are starting to question whether anything in the game is even real......

It felt a little like....twilight Zone, especially in MGS3.

But Wada....I sort of like his style but we shall see.

Edit: I agree PowerofGreen. Japanese Arrogance is outrageously high and stupid. (Not to mention naive)

If I like a western developer far more and prefer them, it must just destroy the Japanese' honor or something else.

I think Sakaguchi said it best, being from Japan.

The West makes the best kind of action and adventure games, like Gears of War.

That was a great game.

While Japan makes good, albeit far different RPGs from the west.

And American Europeans still make better RPGs in our eyes, even though the others are alright for a test run....

They just have always been better at that market.

Its the Japanese Arrogance which is stupifying, and it happens with most Sony fanboys as all they play is mostly Japanese.

Japan is no longer the center of the world, North Americans now make games as good and sometimes much much better. Or always, in the PC realm.
#10 (Edited 2987d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
vaan  +   2987d ago
Blue Dragon sold 3 copies only worldwide.

And about your little fanboy rant about fanboys? Go and check some of the posts that PowerOfPeen, TheMArt, JasonXG1, Xbox is the best (gayest name of all time) and others like you and your one bubble ass and then moan about sony fanboys.
Nob head.
#10.1 (Edited 2987d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
FF7numba1  +   2987d ago
From what i heard and didn't hear. Blue dragon flopped hard. I think lair sold more copies.
goldenxbox  +   2987d ago
Blue Dragon sold over 300,000 copies !!!!
So is not a flop !!!

In Japan it sold very very high !!!

Over 260,000 copies !!!!!

Elsewhere final sales still not come in, but it still sell very very good !!!

Great for 360 and great for Blue Dragon !!
Honeal2g  +   2987d ago
lair lmao
thats funny but lair only sold 220,000 copies

in comparison to bluedragons 400,000 copies ...hmmm still a flop for 360 standards tho
power of Green  +   2987d ago
I came from Nintendo's realm so I'm use to the Japanese style. I'm a fanboy of the old Japanese styles where things were toned down and more grounded with much less arrogance from devs.

You know before the lines for Eastern and Western markets were really drawn, Examples: Contra was good but things have changed so much we have games that have robotic Chicken beasts with strings and ghetto butty robot wolks hawling(MGS4).
name  +   2987d ago
This is old. He said this a long time ago. Why are people posting this again?
solidt12  +   2987d ago
This is a very old article.
I read this same article months ago from SE. Whats up with this double posting months later.
goldenxbox  +   2987d ago
Great article !!!!!
Its a december 2007 article it says, so nothing old here !!!!

Glad to hear the other side of the story and see possible new 360 games to come !!!
titntin  +   2987d ago
Hmmm... I don't this interview as particularly progressive from them.
Square have developed some the greatest games over the years, and they havew also been very inventive when entering new genres (Einhander on PSX remains one of my favourite shoot-em-ups ever).
I'd like to see Square recapture that inventiveness and creativity that made them so good in the firts place. Unfortunately they've gone a bit corporate, and though they're still brilliant at polished presentation, some of the magic they brought to gameplay seems a little absent. I hope they find it again! :)
name  +   2987d ago
@ goldenxbox
It was posted a long time ago(when it was actually new) and reposted on that site today. Stop logic bending.
v1c1ous  +   2987d ago
So the guy is basically saying....
360 buy more games than anyone else
wii only sells 1st party mini-games, with 3rd parties struggling
ps3 is on its way to either or both gaming/media device.

did he mention the sky is blue as well?

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