Devil May Cry 5: Details On Combat & The Living City

While at TGS, Ninja Theory revealed some cool new details on Dante’s re-imaged combat engine. Known for making awesome combat, Ninja Theory’s TGS reveal had the developer continuing their reputation by creating brutally fun ways to kill demons.

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jacksonmichael1967d ago

That came pretty close to being awesome. Must... resist... emo Dante...

Laxman1966d ago

Yeah, good job they took him out of it.

IRetrouk1966d ago

lmao, the dude at the bottom kinda looks like that fella cris crocker, LEAVE BRITANY ALONE!!!!!!

user8586211966d ago

Must hate this game because of 1 characters design..... Lol

Lord_Sloth1966d ago

Not ONE character design. The MAIN Character's design, attitude, slower combat, horrible frame-rate, and atrocious music!

ZombieAssassin1966d ago

Don't forget changing the back story.

Lord_Sloth1966d ago

Just doesn't feel like DMC...

SolidGear31966d ago

I know, it's what the old DMC wishes it could be.

Colonel_Dante1966d ago

Quick NT please release this game,
so I can do my bit for the fanbase and NOT buy it. That should send a clear message to Capcom.

SolidGear31966d ago

LoL.. Not really, that one will be bought by me ;)

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