GameSpot Talks on HotSpot About Jeff Gerstmann's Departure

GameSpot editors have finally spoken out on the recent departure of Jeff Gerstmann. In the latest edition of The HotSpot, GameSpot editors discuss their own personal reactions to discovering the news of the release of Jeff from the GameSpot staff. Outside of their own feelings on the news, they also discuss the details surrounding the situation and the public reaction.

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MK_Red3823d ago

Could someone post what they say please? I'm too lazy to listen.

MattyF3823d ago

They basically say it wasn't the Kane and Lynch review. Then they express their own feelings on the matter and how they felt when they saw him Wednesday morning and not knowing he was fired. Jeff doesn't want people to hate on GameSpot or the people their and that no one should question their integrity.

There is some heartfelt stuff in the podcast. Personal friends expressing their feelings on it.

MK_Red3823d ago

Thanks for the info :)

nix3823d ago

too late Jeff! too late.

Relientk773823d ago

I agree MK_Red ... I wont listen to it lol

KidMakeshift3823d ago (Edited 3823d ago )

Gamespot "NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!" (while smacking him around with it's c*ck)

The Killer3823d ago

they r not free to say what they want so they wont tell u the truth!!
that he got fired because of kane and linch what ever the name review!
and probably he refuses to corporate to give reviews that he dont believe it even if that company pay cash for ads!

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