Xbox 360 - Still a Crummy DVD Player

Just this week Microsoft released their Fall Dashboard Update, and it's chock full of goodness: Parental timer, orginal Xbox game downloads, a category of cheaper XBLA games, new and improved navigation, online profiles improvements, all that stuff. But what really caught the online community on fire is the improved video and audio codec support, for playing media over the network, or burned onto discs, or straight off USB keys. Full details of the various supported container formats and codecs can be found at the developer's blog. As excited as I am to stream DivX and Xvid AVI files to my 360, I was hoping for some other video improvements. Namely, better DVD and HD DVD playback.

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WilliamRLBaker3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

and all the concerns he voiced are only concerns for videophiles not a single home common user knows any thing about that stuff, as well i've seen 360's hd dvd playback in 1080i and 1080p those tests must look for some pretty obscure crap cause it looked beautiful.

Edit:sorry peg i tried to fix the error but it got approved when i went to changed the I's to extremetech.

PS3PCFTW3853d ago

crummy console, crummy addon reliability for fullfunctionality.......crummy disc scratcher......

the only thing its not crummy at is many of you know the fedex guy by his first name by now?


godofthunder103853d ago

i'm not hateing but how can a dum a** motherf**ker like you have the nerve to talk about a console,well i quess your tiny mind forgot about the ps1 and 2 when they first came out and every one was complaining that the drive wasn't reading the discs well it's true,i had to buy 5 in less then a year and a half because of it and it took them about 2 years in the first life of both consoles to get them fixed and this is fact,there is no use to try and say it's a lie another thing that sony had problems with,well the first thing that comes to my mind is their computers when they were exploding in people faces and the recall on their cameras but i know that you don't want to talk about that because it's sony.
i like to know how can dum a** sony fans say that br has a better picture then hd dvd when they both have 1080p and they even have the same ammount of space now,because the last time i checked 1080p was the same damn thing no matter what it's on.and that means that br isn't any better then hd dvd but hd dvd have a lot more extras then br have and that's a fact,hell sony is updating their br now to do the same thing that hd dvd did since the beginning but sony wanted to hurry and ship the ps3 with a br drive in it so they could get it in homes a different way so they can win the war and when sony released the ps3 it still had problems and now that they are upgrading br every one that paid $600 to a $1000 for a br player will have to buy another one because sony already confirmed that the new discs will not play in older models and if microsoft would've done something like this you and the rest of the sony fans would say how bad microsoft treat their customers because of it but since it's sony doing this it's alright then
what really pisses me off is to hear f**king trash saying that they hope a company from japan beat an american company because my grandfather and probaly alot of their to faught in ww2 to protect the U.S and it's a sin to see clowns like them wish that they beat anything from the U.S
hell two writers in japan was intervied and asked why the 360 can't sell in japan with all the games for it and they both said that the japanese people are proud of their country and companies in it and they buy every japanese product to support their economy and then they had the nerve to say that they hate to buy anything especially from the U.S.(well i've always been proud of my country just like the japanese are and just like the japanese i buy from my own country when i can and i especially hate to buy anything from japan like they hate to buy anything from us).even after they said this they still have sh*t for brains saying that they hope sony still beat an american company,if they belive that a japanese company or any company don't buy support or make back room deals is retardedit because if sony never did anything like that then they wouldn't be where they are at right now.
hennery rollins was right when he said that japan has the U.S f**king it dry over a barrel and we aint doing a damn thing about it and it's about time we do before it's to late.

if people don't have any respect for themselfs they should atleast have respect for the U.S instead of hopeing a company from japan beats one fron the U.S because it's a damn shame to read some of these post that some of the dum a**es wrote and if it was up to me i send them all to japan to live if they love them that much but i'll just stay in the U.S and support it anyway i can and there is no way in hell that i'll hope they beat the U.S in anything and i want just hand it to them like they are now

lessthanmarcus3853d ago

I actually tested this both using HDMI. 360 looked kinda orange. And on PS3 the DVD could pass for Blu Ray at first glance. Try it for yourself

SweeneyTodd3853d ago

Hmmm I take it from your sh!tty spelling and very hard to understand sentences, your pride of your country (for no reason, you have nothing to be proud of), that you must be an american, or here let me help you understand my typing, an Ammairucun. Get a fvcking life you stupid yankee, the us will always be inferior to Japan, everything Japan has, you americans wish they had made. Stupid redneck trash go learn to read a book. Hmm I wonder if your xbox system makes as many errors as you do in your spelling?

tplarkin73853d ago

His test used an "unflagged" disk. That means the disk does not communicate the source resolution to the 360 (or DVD player).

What DVD or HD-DVD would not have a "flag"?

He said that the unflagged HD-DVD test scored a "zero". This is utterly ridiculous. That would suggest the image was completely snowy or black.

I have the HD-DVD player and it is great.

hades073853d ago

Where do I even begin. Have you ever taken psychology or visited a psychologist? If you did I think you would learn by now that your constant trolling of anything microsoft related and having to negatively comment on it would be a sign of some major insecurities. I mean, I have yet to even notice you say anything productive, about anything, even in the PS3 forums and you supposedly own a PS3. Go out, get a life, a gf even if that is possible, spend more time ENJOYING your PS3, spend time away from the computer trying to build some self-esteem and pretending to be some big shot with your negativity, try to get a gf and live a life outside of the comments section. I looked at your profile and it seems like you comment every couple of hours. Get a life, enjoy yourself and get away from the computer.

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Lord Anubis3854d ago

it's Microsoft what did he expected?

WilliamRLBaker3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

actually there are better blu ray players and upscaling dvd players.

And i've searched the ps3 is not the best blu ray player.

m91058263854d ago

Actually, PS3 comes in second place, second only to a scaling chip that by itself can cost over $1000, plus whatever inflated electronic you buy that actually happens to have said chip in it. The PS3 is one of the best DVD upscalers you can find, and, for me anyway, the price/image quality difference ratio definitely puts the PS3 above the expensive chip in my book.

dantesparda3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

Please dont waste your time trying to explain that to a fanboy. Its useless. He will not listen. All they care about is Sony vs MS, and some one putting down their systems in any way

Zhuk3854d ago

The Xbox 360 is the ultimate home entertainment electronics device with award winning media capabilities. With the addition of the fall update and the added support of DivX and even more robust media features, the Xbox 360 continues to ensure its place as the premier home entertainment console.

These claims have absolutely no basis at all

WilliamRLBaker3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

dont agree man, Extremetech is a newsworthy place, his concerns are valid...but not to the common user.

All his needs are those of a videophile, the 360 works and works well, the common user cannot see the problems he has because they haven't got 50000 dollar surround sound, tv systems.

edit: but his concerns are still valid.

gamesblow3854d ago

I can tell... so can the majority here... you know, the ones that all disagree with you?

Ps3 is the best upscaler... simple as that. It's upscaler rivals my stand alone Blu-ray player for sure. PS3 is the best media box out there. No questions.

bootsielon3854d ago

Nobody noticed that your claims had no basis

Killjoy30003854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

OMFG YOURE SUCH A STUPID IGNORANT FANBOY!!!IM SO SICK OF SEEING YOUR PATHETIC COMMENTS ON HERE STATING NO FACTS WHATSOEVER. sure, i favor ps3 as the superior console but at least i dont act like a complete assclown about it. i actually state facts somewhat in my comments unlike you in which all you do is make up a bunch of BS in that tiny little halo lovingmind of yours. STFU AND LEAVE THIS SIGHTS COMMENT BARS ALONE IM TIRED OF SEEING YOU POST HERE GET THE HELL OUT.

i want everyone here to give this guy negative feedback and yes xbox fans im also talking to you. hes a disgrace to N4G, ALL OF THE XBOX FANS WHO KNOW WHAT THEYRE TALKING ABOUT, and the gaming community itself. he needs to suffer and not visit this sight ever again. if he love xbox soooooooooo much than he should just go to team xbox or something am i right? get this guy off n4g. do the right thing to get rid of this guy and all other fanboys including playstation, xbox, and nintendo.


dantesparda3854d ago

Zhuk has got to be a PR guy, cuz seriously, who talks like that? what a tool! And William you do not need a $50000 surround system and whatever the fvck else you said to notice, come on man, stop being retarded. I can notice it right of the bat

TwissT3853d ago

Zhuk strikes again with another fannyboy 360 comment!

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WilliamRLBaker3854d ago (Edited 3854d ago )

then i guess all their products suck an no one buys them right?
hmmmm they must have a grove of money trees then.

lol whatever you say m people aren't stupid sorry you seem to think so, if microsoft has so many problems as you and others like to make out then people will move on, In reality their products work, and infact for the common user are much better choice then most any thing out there.

you dont become a monopoly by having products that never work and arn't good for the common man, any one that thinks so is ******.

m91058263854d ago

monopolies are funny things like that... If 99% of people knew that they didnt have to use windows, i son't think they would.

dantesparda3854d ago

Its cuz they are a monopoly that they have that much money. Damn man, you just keep making stupid comments, fanboyism will do that to you.

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