The 5 Worst Things About Gamestop

Here is a rundown of the 5 most annoying things gamers deal with every time they visit their local Gamestop.

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Surviver3788d ago

Comment guy was a nice touch, i hate when people do that, as he said,
"let me buy my games in peace...bro"

Neat story i geuss, way to rage agaisnt the machine. :shifty eyes:

games4fun3788d ago

i also like the employees who are console specefic you always have one for nintendo, sony, or ms looking down on whoever doesnt like theyre company of choice for the week they need to sell for that company

sidenote: offspring is awesome i remember when i was a kid listening to them bubbles for that.

Bleyd3788d ago

There's an unofficial boycott of Gamestop for their shifty game selling practices. All gamers everywhere are to stop buying games from them and start buying from regular stores that actually stock the games that they sell without having to preorder them like Target and Walmart and the other normal stores like that.

Power to the People! Gamers unite!

lessthanmarcus3788d ago

Worse thing about Gamestop (worse than selling used games as new) is that the employees are complete idiots.

Charlie26883788d ago

I think the ONLY time that I went to a GameStop and didn't left there nauseous was when I was in Dallas and for the most bizarre of things I walk into a GameStop to find this cute girl working there and oh did Charlie flirted with that girl XD

...its probably the only time I didn't want to run out of GameStop >.>

BLUR1113787d ago (Edited 3787d ago )

there clerk ppl are retarded. big time here where i live they act like there on huge commission pay, almost begging u to buy stuff and crap i hate gamestop ill just buy games online . and screw wal-mart with there game delays

NewScratch3788d ago

the anti ps3 quotes. anyone else sick of the fratboy/redneck/mom's basement 360 fella who's only ps3 experience is hiding the new releases so no one can find them?

i always try to be nice and have a conversation so that maybe some of the ignorant hate can die but its getting old man. last time i asked 5 of the dudes if any of them were ps3 fans. they looked dumbfounded and kept blurting old hat phrases of "no game library," "$600," "psn sucks," etc... one dude finally said "i want one but can't afford it"

i just want to buy and talk about games after a long day of work. cant wait for the pissing match to end...

games4fun3788d ago

they will always be there they are usually antisony but depending on what they need to sell their opinion changes pretty quickly.

also no offense but find other people to talk to, go to any other store or i hope you at least have some friends who are interested in games. it would drive me nuts if people around me talked crap about games and systems i have this site for that.

games4fun3788d ago (Edited 3788d ago )

double post

suck it gamestop

NewScratch3788d ago

good point but yeah, not many ps3 folks around me in the midwest advertising scene you know?

guess i have this site for that though -- kinda inverted to what you said.

Relientk773788d ago

yea gamespot is bad.. and im sure its getting worse too

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The story is too old to be commented.