Brand New FIFA Street 3 Screenshots

"FIFA Street 3 creates a hyper-real world that merges the game's biggest stars with environments that pulsate to the music in exotic locales around the world. Featuring over 250 of the world's best players representing 18 of the top international teams, each player has been rendered into a stylized caricature with heroic qualities. Decked out in authentic training kits, every player boasts their own, distinctive style of play with unique abilities to match. Choose from Tricksters, Enforcers, Playmakers and Finishers to give you different options on the ball and make your mark on the street". -IGN

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Matpan3947d ago

Gotta love the looks of it. MAybe it´s not eye candy´s pradise... but character design is really nice. Really good characterizations (sorry if my english sucked at that specific word :P )

Relientk773947d ago

I actually just got done playing Fifa '07 .. but yea thats cool I'm up for another soccer game