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Built upon a rule set popularized by Parker Brothers’ microcosm of capitalism, Monopoly, recent Wii release Fortune Street adeptly amalgamates board and video game. While it’s not the first time the mediums have been merged (2003’ Culdcept for the Playstation 2 crafted a similar union), the title represents an opportunity for Western gamers to experience a series that has thrived in Japan since 1991.

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RaptorMan2444d ago

Good review. Hopefully, this will show up in Redbox.

sharpsword2444d ago

this is more like it. Enough of that Mario Party stuff!

deserteaglexix2444d ago

thank you for posting. Glad you liked the review.

mediastudies2444d ago

Hopefully, this sells well enough to send the message that board game type games have fans here.