New dual drives blur the Blu Ray/HD-DVD divide

Buoyed by the success of its earlier offerings, LG has unveiled two new DVD drives that further blur the line between the two competing high definition recording formats.

The Super Multi Blue drives combine Blu-ray and HD DVD capabilities in a single unit, meaning consumers don't have to lock themselves in to one of the format camps. This is an attractive thought as the battle for the hearts and wallets of next-generation DVD fans is far from over.

LG's latest dual-format high-def driveThe Super Multi Blue GGW-H20L can write Blu-ray discs (BD-R) at speeds of up to 6X and conventional DVD+/-R discs at speeds of 16X. It can also read HD-DVD ROM discs at 3X speeds.

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Relientk773853d ago

wow thats pretty cool and handy

games4fun3853d ago

"Both internal drives are now on the Australian market. The GGW-H20L retails for $999 while the GGC-H20L is priced at $799."

talk to me when it cost me less to seperately buy a bluray player and an hd-dvd player.

Also another year and hd-dvd may be gone forever and this wont be needed

WilliamRLBaker3853d ago (Edited 3853d ago )

right now it costs you more to buy an hd dvd and blu ray computer drive seperate..your not a reader are you? these aren't just viewing drives they are recorders. *shakes head* to buy an hd dvd recorder and an blu ray recorder seperate would cost more then to buy the dual format one.

*edit: yes i saw it can only read hd dvd, so i can just ammend my text and say that it would cost more to get an blu ray and hddvd reader for the comp.*

solidt123853d ago

It can only burn Blu-Ray, not HD-DVD. Interesting.

greenenvy3853d ago

the price will continue to drop like crazy, and soon both formats will be forced one way......

to the digital distribution consortium, HD-DVD built in FTW!!!!!!!!!!!


the new combined players will become normal...

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