IGN: Ghostbusters: Video Game Preview

It's clear, then, that Ghostbusters is on the right track. It's worth coming back, however, to the tech underpinning the game once again. After all, it was largely the technology – the Infernal engine that Terminal Reality has been working on for the last seven to eight years – that helped convince Sierra that the time was right to do Ghostbusters. As already mentioned, the physics system is top notch, allowing for hundreds of interactive/destructible objects to be on-screen at once (and you'll even get a 'damage done' total at the end of each mission), but the engine is also capable of creating other kinds of spectacles. As anyone who has seen the Ghostbusters films would know, whenever the city is about to be swallowed into hell, huge crowds of New Yorkers turn up to cheer or jeer our heroes on, irrespective of personal danger. The game will very much pay homage to this, with a lot of activity out on the streets. One scene in particular – set during the Macy's Day Parade - will feature hundreds of people walking about at once. Stress tests on the system had 3000 basic polygonal characters walking up and down a section of street.

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gamesblow3796d ago

It's good to hear a Sony owned franchise is actually getting good treatment. They said the PS3 game proceeds the PC/360 version of the game... so, that's saying something. Hell, sony let their Spiderman franchise go to hell in the videogame world, better do something about this one, don't ya think?

If I was Sony I'd have told Activison to can the ps3 versionof spiderman all together. That thing was an abomination.

lynx1halo3796d ago

just as I predicted.......first they will get an hang of the PS3, then begin to develop along side the 360, and by the middle of next year they will be developing for the PS3 and porting to the 360........HEED MY WORDS PEOPLE

Black Rose3796d ago

is someone really getting this game? I was wondering if im the only one not even looking for a rent on this one

dhammalama3796d ago

I'm definitely going to check this game out.

chrisin33795d ago

definitely get this game if it turns out right.