Best Gaming Clip of the Week: BF3 Jet Kill writes, "We've had some great kills so far for our "Best Gaming Clip of the Week" segment, but this one easily takes the cake so far. Actually, this may hands down be the best video game kill we've seen all year. Don't believe us? Prepare to have your jaw drop."

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SnakeCQC2536d ago

that was the best gaming clip ever!!!!!!!

SnakeCQC2536d ago

ive done some insane stuff in saintsrow 3 but doing that in a multiplayer match of bf3 is just insane and must require soo much skill to do

egidem2536d ago

Such brilliance!...I have no words :D

Hufandpuf2536d ago

Battlefield, you've done it again.

despair2536d ago

Haven't laughed so hard in a long time...genius.

LakerGamerEnthusiast2536d ago

I just shat myself D: nicee!!!!!!!!

SKUD2536d ago

Lol, This single BF3 clip > All COD vids.

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The story is too old to be commented.