Gamespot Reviews Dawn of Magic (3/10)

Buggy, broken, and entirely unoriginal, Dawn of Magic is one horrible action-oriented role-playing game.

The Good
* Great magical variety.

The Bad
* Buggy to the point of being unplayable
* Derivative plot, quests, and map structure
* Limited and bizarre character choices.

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Relientk773881d ago

damn :-/ i thought this looked cool... well reviews dont say it all but still wow that is a really low score

Chubear3881d ago

I guess they couldn't come up with the down payment.

bootsielon3881d ago

So what are their reviews worth now, huh?

RoboChamp3881d ago

I guess CNET didnt get enough money.

TheIneffableBob3881d ago

The people who write these reviews are the GameSpot staff--gamers, not businessmen. People like Alex Navarro and Ryan Davis still have their integrity intact and would rather quit GameSpot than be forced to give a game a certain score due to advertising pressure. Either way, though, this review was written by Brett Todd, a freelancer.

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