Xbox 360 HD DVD player stoops to $129

Not even six months after the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive fell to an oh-so-tempting $179, the unit has now reached an even lower low. That's right kids, the attachment has just plummeted to a juicy $129, which would honestly sound a whole lot sweeter if not for that sub-$100 HD DVD fiasco still lingering in our heads. Nevertheless, Engadget already noticed the player's new price tag over at Amazon and Toys R Us, but feel free to point out any other price slashings in comments below.

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Bladestar3883d ago

come on microsoft bundle the thing with the elite or drop it to $99.99
anything that could hurt blu-ray helps... lol.

FF7numba13883d ago

lol you guys are some sucks like M$. Hurt blu-ray by blowing money lol. Hd dvd is dead.

consolewar3883d ago

HD DVD is dead. Can we please move on.

Charlie26883883d ago

I might feel tempted to buy it (mostly for Transformers and Bourne Ultimatum) around that price or maybe $100 BUT if I can recall didn't we had an article here on N4G a few months back about improved HD DVD addons coming to the 360? I hope the price drop is not to clear inventory for the new ones >.>

Relientk773883d ago

yes cheaper .. but cheap enuf? idk i think $100 is better

games4fun3883d ago

would you buy the addon when you can get the 99 dollar version anyway?

jaja14343883d ago

The next cheapest one is 149 or 169, I forget which. The 99$ of which you speak was a 1 or 3 day memory is a bit hazy right now.

In any case it was just a few days sale. So the add-on is now the cheapest player, if you have a 360 that is. :)

N4GayFanturds3883d ago

as if this is a bad thing. How about this;

Not even one year after the PS3 launch, Sony drops the price and drops and adds SKUS to a price point of $399! "The unit has now reached an even lower low. That's right kids, the" PS3 "has just plummeted to" $399!

I thought there were reports, stating the price wouldn't drop for at least 3 years....??!!

kydrice3883d ago

You're right Sony was wrong, they dropped the price so what? Only good can come out of a Sony price drop from $600 quit b!tching jesus christ...

BloodySinner3883d ago (Edited 3883d ago )

You forgot to mention that the $399 price is gimped. Sony stripped out backwards compatibility from the system.

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The story is too old to be commented.