Sony's bullish Blu-ray claims rejected by HD DVD camp, Sydney - Matthew Henry, 5 December 2007:

Sony today claimed its Blu-ray Disc format holds 95 per cent market share in high definition hardware and software sales in Australia, but the company's claims have been rejected by the HD DVD Consortium for choosing its figures selectively.

The HD DVD Consortium said the data is misleading because it relies solely on the month of October, "The high definition market share report referred to this morning has been commissioned specifically by Sony and contains information based on the month of October... We have access to other GfK reports showing software percentages on a year-to-date basis with Blu-ray at 86 per cent and HD DVD at 14 per cent."

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xsteinbachx3942d ago

14% is still nothing to be bragging about.

shmee3942d ago

idiots like HD DVD camp never learn though

The Killer3942d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

they are fighting for 9% extra but it doesnt change the fact that their format is getting @$$ kicked!

smoothdude3941d ago

I agree. 14% seems really stupid, but it is alot considering that the sales for HD films have been low, but I still think that HD DVD is a dead technology. Hopefully when this paramount deal terminates they will go Blu and the battle will be over.

xplosneer3942d ago

Perfect thinking. We're not losing by a HUGE HUGE HUGE VERY HUGE amount, we're just losing by a HUGE HUGE HUGE HUGE amount. Whatever.

MK_Red3942d ago

LOL, very good one. It's always about the "Very" in the middle ;)
Bubbles for you.

paracardium3942d ago

HD DVD is truely idiotic after reading this.

unrealchris3942d ago

that does not change the fact that they are losing

DaEnforcer3942d ago

This just have made my day haha

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The story is too old to be commented.