Sony claims Blu-ray has over 95% of Australian HD market

iTWire - Wednesday, 05 December 2007:

"A Sony commissioned report released today claims the Blu-ray disc format had a 95.2% market share for home entertainment hardware and software in October 2007 while the HD-DVD format held just the remaining 4.8% share."

Claimed findings from the study include:
• Blu-ray hardware including the PS3 outsells HD-DVD hardware by 26 to 1
• In October 2007, more than 18,000 Blu-ray Disc titles and around 2,000 HD-DVDs were sold.

The full report includes statements from managing director of Sony Australia Carl Rose, managing director of Sony Computer Entertainment Australia and New Zealand Michael Ephraim, and managing director of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Michele Garra.

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Gordii3881d ago

Pack up HD-DVD and go home we don't want you anymore.

m91058263881d ago

take that inferior format with less studio support!

ChanDangle3881d ago

The only way I think the HD-DVD can catch up is if it's implemented in the next xbox but by the time that comes around who knows what's going to happen.

BTW pick up Superbad in bluray.=P

Relientk773881d ago

95% is basically all... wow nice job Sony

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The story is too old to be commented.