Mass Effect: Glitch Edition - "Xbox 360 Glitch of the Year"

Kotaku reports an amusing, unique little bug encountered by Ralph Dibny while playing Mass Effect:

"While playing Mass Effect, a box landed on my character and began smashing me into the ground. It never actually killed me but continued to stretch out all my limbs... very strange.

No buttons worked, so I had to turn off the Xbox to reset the game! Hah!"

Kotaku's Michael McWhertor nominates this for best Xbox 360 glitch of 2007.

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Douchebaggery3820d ago

A weird glitch that happened to me

TheOtherSide3820d ago

That is called spirit incarnation, you need to perform a exorcism LOL

Nice one.

snoop_dizzle3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

yeah , that was pretty looks like i missed out on some glitched out fun. The only glitch i had was getting stuck in a railing but i was able to get out under a minute and a few other minor ones.

MK_Red3820d ago

Fantasic one :)
As for glitches, I countered neither of them. Still, haven't made many characters. Will try more soon.

tplarkin73819d ago

Were you hitting the trigger quickly? (Scrolling between characters)

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razer3820d ago

Definately glitch of 2007 and #1 that is just creepy.. You should submit that to Kotaku because they love to bash everything MS and would probably dedicate a whole page to it.

Relientk773820d ago

*looking at the picture* that is just the weirdest sh!t wow ... weird

Komrad3820d ago

wow. that looks awesome!!

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The story is too old to be commented.