THQ's VGA announcement leaked?

The ESRB has revealed that THQ will be publishing futuristic FPS Nexuiz.

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core_52200d ago

this game was announced a year ago for ps3 and xbox360

ATi_Elite2200d ago

OH look another generic FPS! What a surprise!

Montrealien2199d ago

oh look! another generic comment calling out a shooter for being generic.

the Irony....

fluffydelusions2200d ago

Hrm, is this the same game that has been on Linux for years and years and years?

blaze22-qwerty2200d ago


SolidGear32199d ago

Be better if it was at least rated Mature.. Hate whimpy @$$ Teen rated FPS's.. Give me Bulletstorm calibre FPS's anyday over that generic Teen crap..