Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction - Trusted Reviews, 9/10's Stuart Andrews reviews Ratchet and Clank Future on 5th December 2007: "If only this, not Resistance: Fall of Man, had been Insomniac's PS3 launch title, Sony might have had a better year."

Verdict: "Tools of Destruction joins Super Mario Galaxy and Psychonauts as one of the best platform games of the last five years. It might miss out on innovation, but in terms of scale, personality and finely polished gameplay, it's unsurpassed."

Overall: 9/10, Recommended

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lawman11083880d ago

That has sold a VERY sorry 200,000 copys?

m91058263880d ago

Are you the same xbot d-bag who deems it necessary to troll in every single positive PS3 thread and post your BS opinion in each one? Yep...
Seriously, shouldn't you be busy enjoying some games rather than scrambling to be the first to post in a PS3 thread? Or is it that RROD time of the month again?

Baba19063880d ago

who cares how many they have sold. the games is amazing. and we fans wont make money of the game so really who cares.

HowarthsNJ3880d ago

but I do agree with the rating for R&C.