Dark Sector Impressions from Shacknews

Dark Sector, from Unreal Tournament contributor and Pariah developer Digital Extremes, has changed quite a bit since its initial design, but it seems to have settled into its final form at this point. The game, a third-person shooter, is set in the near future in the fictional Soviet state of Lasria. Some unidentified but apparently sinister thing has been discovered in an old submarine, and now a devastating mutagen is wreaking havoc on the human population.

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turbogeek3882d ago

i think PS3 is lead platform for Dark Sector. i remember back when it was first shown and it was known as "the first PS3 game". that's when it was still based in space.

mighty_douche3882d ago

it looked more of a stealth game back then. now it look like Gears of War with a spicky blade thing.

mighty_douche3882d ago

personally i think graphically its up there with Gears.

akaFullMetal3882d ago

looks pretty good, when is this coming out again