Santa selling personal Wii delivery for $10,000 on eBay

Santa is offering the personal delivery of a brand new Wii console to the home of "that special boy or girl this Christmas." "I will make a special stop prior to getting my reindeer ready for that long trek across the world delivering toys to the good little boys and girls," Santa wrote in the listing.

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Jdash243946d ago

some people will do anything for money.......and the sad part is people are going to bid on it

Mr_Kuwabara3946d ago

Naughty Santa!

Shame on you!

Relientk773945d ago

I think earlier today or yesterday parents paid $4,700 or so for a Wii

and now 10,000 damn like seriously ... it just keeps going up

Prismo_Fillusion3945d ago

Don't leave this Santa alone with your kids...

And Relientk77 - you're double or triple posting in everything thread you post in. Wtf man?

MK_Red3945d ago

lol, true. God knows what could this evil santa do to them (Sell them on eBay...).

But really, my local shop has Wiis for 260 to 280 yet I haven't bought it. Are these people crazy? Wii is hardly worth it's original $250 price let alone anything more than it.

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The story is too old to be commented.