No More On-Time Free Content and Demos for Xbox Live Silver Members

1UP's Patrick Klepek reports - 12/04/2007:

"When people talk about features they'd like to see added to an Xbox Live Gold subscription, dedicated servers, expanded buddy lists or separate bandwidth pipes for popular downloads are first to mind. Instead of adding features to the Gold experience, however, they're 'enhancing' Gold subscriptions by continuing a practice started last summer of stripping Silver members of features and making them Gold-only.

The latest? Playable demos are no longer available right away for Silver members. Instead, they'll have to wait a full week before they're allowed access. Starting with the Fall update, Silver users will start seeing a red circle with a slash through content that's currently inaccessible."

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ash_divine3947d ago

I know I shouldn't really care about this, but thats kinda mean. Way to cut your fans wrist for them microsoft.(j/k)

rofldings3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

lol microshaft.

Xbox live is the biggest scam since Nigerians. Seriously Microsoft, you're going to make gold members PAY TO USE THEIR OWN BANDWIDTH? That's not exactly "leaps and bounds" ahead of PSN that has dedicated servers. But it is a great way to make almost 100% profit.

I can live without a few demos and movies, etc - when I can play on 40 player resistance, 32 player warhawk, etc games for FREE with NO LAG and DEDICATED servers.

If I want to play with more people, I'll go on my PC, play some CSS or UT3, kthx.

sonarus3947d ago

WTF msoft. what i liked most about xbox live were the demos. I dnt pay for gold membership but now i gotta wait for a week. A week aint that bad cus dats still getting it before ps3 most times but damn msoft chill with the greed

SaturnTo3947d ago

Way to stick it to your customers who can't afford to keep paying you every year for something they can get for free with your competitor. Real Stupid move, making me wait a week before I can download it! Your just making me think buying my 360 was a bad decision. If it wasn't for Gears of War I wouldn't have, and it sucks I can't play it online because you feel your overflowing pockets just aren't overflowing enough! But this is just down right wrong.

Jo0j3946d ago

There's no need to freak out here. Since launch, this is how it has always been with the Silver/Gold DLC relationship. This is not ''new'' info. Major Nelson is just saying that with the new update there is now a visual representation of this in the marketplace.

marionz3946d ago

sorted! just made a dummy account and cha ching one month free gold, im not lettin MS force me into buying somthing i really dont need ill just keep makeing fake accounts thank you verry much microsoft! greedy [email protected]

ravinash3946d ago

M$ are more than happy to take your money in one hand and then cut your nuts off with the other.

MADGameR3946d ago

Way to ruin the love for X Box 360 users Microsoft! That sucks for 360 users but I think some of them don't mind. SONY will keep online free and such. The only thing they will charge PS3 users for is for premium items for Home.

PS3PCFTW3946d ago


follow me, XBOT LOSERS!!!!!!!!!

lessthanmarcus3946d ago

360? Do people still use that garbage?

straightpiff4203946d ago

Why all the hate towards the 360? I personally am a huge PS3 fan, I don't own a 360 or the original Xbox, I've been sticking with Sony since the PS1 but I don't feel the need to hate on people just because they have a 360. It does suck that MSFT is doing that, like they don't already have enough money...All the 360 and Vista sales and they want to charge people for Live- Completely ridiculous if you ask me. But not surprising at all, it's Microsoft what do you expect. I just hopes PSN stays free.

whoelse3946d ago

If you have an Xbox yu should have a gold membership anyway as theres no other way of playing online which is like the whole point of XBL.

rareairtone3946d ago

Since they sell xboxs cheaper than the manufacturing cost, like ps3 does, and have been doing it since the first when it was going against the ps2, the sells never eclipsed the money lost on selling them cheaper. the 360 is probably almost evening it out since it was the first to launch and continues to be popular, but with the loss of money on every sell, the got to look for profit elsewhere. Yea microsoft has a lot of money from their other divisions but one has to look at this situation from a business point of view, not from a "oh we make enough money elsewhere to lose profit on making this one." microsoft is still trying to create a profit margin, wherever it is now, off of the xbox division, like any businessperson wants. but doing this was gay tho

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Mr_Kuwabara3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Talk about monopoly. They basically just want to push you into getting the gold subscription. Then it didn't really make that much sense to create this silver membership to begin with eh MSFT?

I know that the silver folks should upgrade to gold since it really isn't that much to begin with, but how can this not "annoy" silver members if this wasn't like this since the beginning?

Comeon MSFT be reasonable.

Oh well, why should I bother, my friend is the one that should care since he is the one that has a 360 so I play all his games and even online for free. lol

Hatchetforce3947d ago

The strategy is that once they have been able to persuade you to get a 360 then the Live payment every year is a simple stone's throw for them. The general idea is that once the larger purchase is made then they 'have' you.

Douchebaggery3947d ago

Just a way to make goldmembers feel better about getting robbed

SkolarVisari3947d ago

That is pretty lame, I refuse to pay again for Xbox live (I'll let my membership expire when that time comes.) and this just made me want it even less.

DJ3947d ago

But you need to call in before your subscription ends and get customer service to Cancel your account. I know a few people that found out a month or so after that Microsoft was still charging automatically.

ArmrdChaos3947d ago (Edited 3947d ago )

Funny...Every year I get an email from them 1 MONTH prior to renewal that lets me know when to cancel otherwise they will continue my service uninterrupted. So either your "sources" were ignoring their email or something got lost in translation.

unlimited3947d ago

this is freaken bull crap..i just got a early gift from my parents..i mind as well sell it now and spend more money on ps3 games..

toughNAME3947d ago

look before you leap unlimited

Panthers3947d ago

You could spend more money on a service that should be free...

unlimited3947d ago

Its still lame...Its just another way for Microsoft to milk money from people who isnt paying for xbox live..

unlimited3947d ago

Why cant they give gold members premium/faster servers to download from?
oh yeah their cheap and only think about making

Mikey_Gee3946d ago

Sell you 360 for this reason.

Talk about bite off your nose to spite your face.

socsca3946d ago

Omg you are lying, little troll... If not, you need to get your priorities right cus that would be the dumbest reason evaaar to sell a 360.

Something like buying the ps3 and finding out you need to buy the hdmi-cable "oh my gaaaaad, that's too much!".

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