Bring back the Sega Dreamcast

From CNET:

"Simply put, the Sega Dreamcast was great when it was released on 9/9/99 (in the US) and I'm a firm believer that Sega should release the Dreamcast 2 on 9/9/09...More than anything else, I want Dreamcast 2. Who is with me?"

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Mr_Kuwabara3879d ago

"Stay were you belong, in my memories" - Cloud

randomGuyOnline3879d ago

ROFL That was hilarious!

Even though you don't need it, here -- Bubbles for you.

Thanks for that. LOL

TheOtherSide3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

YES o also want dreamcast2, the first one was a great machine.

It had a early death, was better than playstation 2.

If it had is live circle playstation wont have the life made easy like that.

This new console war is the same as before with dreamcast, if the X360 fall then PS3 wings like before but if X360 continues then it is going to be really close and every one will have to fight.

Good games to all.

Ares843879d ago

....I don't want another Dreamcast....I still have the bad taste of it in my mouth!!

Raptors3879d ago

Most underrated console ever. I personally have a disgust of the ps2 because of how game developers favored it so much more over the DC. With the exception of the controller i felt everything about the Dreamcast was better.

xionpunk3879d ago (Edited 3879d ago )

@Raptors every so often I hear a hand full of people say something like that. But what made Dreamcast better than Ps2? Ps2 had better graphics (at least after the first year) and better games. Probably the reason why DC died was the fact that Sony had proven the brand with ps1 while Sega was coming off the unsuccessful sega saturn.

I don't mean to rag on the Dreamcast, Its just that no one really gives a reason why the DC was better. Crazy Taxi was kinda awesome the first time I played it on Dreamcast though.

smoothdude3878d ago

I disagree that the dreamcast was horrible. The reason that it died was because of piracy, not because the system sucked. The dreamcast is my favorite console to date because of games like powerstone 2, skies of arcadia, shenmue and shenmue 2, soul calibur, and the list goes on.

However, I like it because the games on it were fun, and just because they make a dreamcast 2, I don't think it would necessarily mean that developers would make good games. Video games have changed last generation to this generation. Sega has changed too.

lwsbrck3878d ago

you still have the taste in your mouth?

well, if you played it using your hands, not your mouth, maybe you would have liked it more :P o/j

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Douchebaggery3879d ago

As much as I like the Dreamcast another console with a new/old army of fanboys would break the internet.

Gordii3879d ago

There is no market for it now besides would you buy it. You might but they need a crap load of dev. and 3rd pt support aswell. I think that will be the Wii's downfall is the 3rd pt support.

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