AP: Drake's Fortune Lets You Almost Be Indiana Jones (3½ out of 4)

The Associated Press via - Matt Slagle, Tuesday, December 04, 2007:

"Think of 'Uncharted: Drake's Fortune' as a movie where you're the star. You can't really decide the outcome, but the high production values and relentless action make it a memorable experience nonetheless."

3½ stars out of 4.

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Tsukasah3763d ago

Didn't read the review, too lazy, but that's a score it deserves. It's possible that fox only gave this a good review because they're BluRay exclusive and want to sell some PS3's? Lol j/m.. I'm going to assume this was a fair review

ruibing3763d ago

When they grade it out of 4 with a 0.5 stepsize, it's basically saying any game that is next to perfect would still only get 87.5. They really should grade it out of 100 instead for a better perspective.

lawman11083763d ago

127,138 copys and sits at #19 on the top 50 games sold chart. Yes I own it just pointing out the facts, people buy the PS3 for BR-player not games.

games4fun3762d ago

you do not own this game just stating a fact ill elaborate why if you want but we both know dont we?

oh yea go troll somewhere else and wait for your box to come back from the shop.

Relientk773762d ago

this game is soo sick I love it... SOO MUCH FUN

Mr Tretton3762d ago

I think we've seen enough Uncharted reviews. No need to post 5 a day. We get it.

gamesblow3762d ago

We see lots of reviews but none of them are ever factored into the meta or gamerankings %, why? Bias, much?

Also, Uncharted sold 130,000 its 1st week, Timmy... It's been out since the 19th, don't you think you should quote the Simexchange sales by now? The ones that say the game is over 350,000 sold? I mean, NPD and Sim are 1 in the same, but sim releases early... Since Uncharted was released only in America, those sales are pretty damn good.

It'll easily hit a million by years end when it hits Japan and europe, ya damn Pearl Snorkler.