Gametrailers: Minecraft Review

Is this block-builder a blockbuster?

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OhMyGandhi2174d ago

"Is this block-builder a blockbuster?"

now aren't they just clever.

Darkfocus2174d ago

Minecraft shouldn't really be reviewed as a game, it's a great program for building 3D pixel art but the actual game part of it is rather lacking without mods which really aren't fair to include in the review unless GT plans to start doing it with every other game...

coolbeans2174d ago

It's fair to mention, but not affect the overall score. When looking at their Presentation score (8.0), it doesn't seem that mods influenced the final grade.

Darkfocus2174d ago

I was mostly referring to it's gameplay 8.5 score. Unmodded the games combat is really boring and basic as well as not having much enemy/creature variety. At most I'd give it a 6 in the gameplay category without mods but minecraft isn't really about that any way so they could still leave the overall score as a 9 and I'd be fine with that.

coolbeans2174d ago

"At most I'd give it a 6 in the gameplay category without mods..."

Okay, I'm perfectly fine with that being YOUR gameplay score; however, we're talking about a Gametrailers reviewer who may have enjoyed the overall gameplay (combat, crafting, etc.) more than the average user.