GTA IV New Screen Shots

Here are some new screen shots of Grand Theft Auto 4. The 3rd trailer will come out on Thursday Dec 6.


3 Brand new screenshots added today.

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Hydrollex3794d ago

EWWW ! Sound's like Rockstar is gonna kill itself. I hope I dont see those graphics in the game. Look at the police car ewww

Slayer OP3794d ago

What is wrong with you? Those graphics are insane man!

ElementX3794d ago

Another disgruntled inner city thug....

Panthers3794d ago

They are ugly, but its GTA so it will be good.

They are always showing the Xbox version so your probably right.

dantesparda3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

So what if he doesnt like the graphics? why should anyone care!? I swear you fanboys are so sensitive!

And to Element X aint you the guy i said looks *** from his picture a while back? if so, why are you of all people being judgmental?

Ok, i see that he's just being a fanboy. But maybe he did expect better.

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Hydrollex3794d ago

I don't believe those are on PS3. Is that PS3 power ? No

bung tickler3794d ago

you should go find some cyanide pills.

toughNAME3794d ago

Virtua Fighter 5
Pro Evolution 2008
Madden 08
Rainbox Six Vegas
Assassins Creed

And from what we know so far...GTA will be better on 360

I'm gunna go out on a limp and say the 360 version will be better ;)

CrazzyMan3794d ago

you will get Getaway 3, L.A.Noire and some new IP from Rockstar on PS3.
So just relax. Overall it`s not about graphics.

BLUR1113794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

why dont u shut it and go play Rachet & Clank or something

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Mr_Kuwabara3794d ago

Hydrolex the GTA series have never tried to push the boundaries in the graphics department but eitherway, this one seems pretty good for an open world such as this one.

Grassroots3794d ago

I had the same thought process. I honestly don't expect a amazing set of graphics from GTA4, what I do expect is more of the same sandbox gameplay that simple is the franchise. Also add whatever story they tend to throw my way.

Hydrollex3794d ago

Seriously look at this sh!t

Rockstar promissed to bring good graphics. but those are not what people thought. Some scree shots look very impressive like this one

Danja3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

dude GTA4 has good graphics...the GTA series was never known for mind-blowing graphics...look at GTA:San Andreas compared to GOW2..both are PS2 games but one looks like a generation ahead of the other

considering the size of this game and all that's going on all at once in the city..Rockstar has to balance out everything pretty smoothly to avoid..slow downs..glitches..etc..

Gameplay is what matters in games like these not graphics..

InMyOpinion3794d ago

What are you, 14 years old? Go go studio gangsta!

Bull5hifT3794d ago

you want graphics to make your eyes bleed go look at "2 Days to Vegas"

looks amazing but that company failed too much before, gta hasnt failed me yet' ill see you in 16 player multiplayer

rareairtone3793d ago

like they're saying above the game is too damn big and too many calculations are being performed at once to look like drake's fortune or call of duty 4. these screens are excellent considering what they're accomplishing. that screen, which i've never seen before thanks for sharing, isn't blown up like the screens we see from this link (which that site sucks it doesn't open the screen fully) those might not even be the intended resolution that those pics are being hosted at. video games look better in motion cuz thats how they are supposed to be played. if you look at other games blown up like that it might look similar, because gears of war kinda had this look although of course everything had more polygons. NBA 2k8 had rough edges and a weird static-like edge to things in its screen shots but the game has smooth edges in the final version. so just wait until the freakn trailer tomorrow and you'll lower ur bashing of the game. you're going to buy it anyway.

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Hydrollex3794d ago

in 2007 Yes but in 2008 no. Why ? because Developers are learning how to work with the PS3. 360 was out for 2 years but PS3 for 1 year. That's the difference

cellypower3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

Because the 360 is the lead platform on alot of games in 2006-2007.

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