The World’s Best Trophy Hunter’s Hardest Platinum Trophies

Hakoom, who has over 16,700 trophies and 314 platinums and the number one trophy hunter in the world, shares his list of hardest platinums. - PSLS

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doctorstrange2481d ago

That's one hell of a lot of trophies.

Sev2481d ago

Wow. That makes my 4 plats feel so inferior.

Nykamari2481d ago

Hehehe I got 1 plat and its from a ps2 game! God Of War
In my defense, I could care less about them. I enjoy every game I play, trophy hunting is fun and all but going thru a game 5x is boring to me, and only me.

Bowzabub2480d ago

I only have like 35 plats but I also love my gf too. :)

FACTUAL evidence2480d ago

Tell hakoom to get on my level and get farcry 2 plat. I would play Ninja gaiden 2, but hated it on the 360. Wipeout isn't my type, and I have the fighting plats he has.

egidem2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

Holy crap...and here I thought I was epic and kicking ass with my 1,135 trophies and 13 plats...

Assuming at the time of writing this article the information used was up to date, it looks like the guy has already earned 43 more trophies, making it 16, 743!

Trebius2480d ago

Jeez...anything over 15 plats is like .... no life status...this guy must live in his basement ...and eat meals interveiniously.

StraightPath2480d ago (Edited 2480d ago )

now its time to go outside.....there is life seriously i have platinums too but this is too far when PS4 comes out and all this will be useless unless it decides to sell it to another lowlife for big money.

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cp682481d ago

If Sony gave us virtual money (even a few cents) for each earned trophy, this dude would be a billionaire

doctorstrange2481d ago

That's probably why they don't pay.

Dasteru2481d ago

@cp68: Not even close, @5 cents per trophy he would have $835.

egidem2480d ago

Correct, but I guess @cp68 meant it more in a "If I had a penny for everytime I heard that I'd be rich" sorta way. But yeah, he wouldn't be close to even half a million, let alone a billion.

coolbeans2481d ago (Edited 2481d ago )

Although I'm not entirely sure if there's some odd transition between the XBLA and PSN versions, it's essentially a demanding strafing shooter that can be easily tackled once you're in that old-school mindframe. While there's no health packs laying around on hard, the game (again on XBLA) was consistent on saving whenever a progressed with at least 75% health.

DonaldBeck2481d ago

i have 4 platinums and thought i was king of the hill, i feel bad now, like when you go to a grocery store and look in the isles of all the muscle men and you feel weak.

Parapraxis2480d ago

You have been to a grocery store with aisles full of muscular men? O_o

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The story is too old to be commented.