Possible Reference To "The Last Of Us" Found in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

The latest installment in the Uncharted series by SCEA developer Naughty Dog hosts a suspicious reference to a "deadly fungus". Coincidence?

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PirateThom2387d ago

Eh, wow, that was well spotted... not sure how related it is, but if it's been in development for a while, ND may have known about it and fired it in as an intentional reference... or they're developing it...

VegaShinra2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Or just a coincidence.

Still makes you wonder....

Panthers2387d ago

Thats too much of a coincidence. I mean there is no deadly fungus in UC. Very cool find though.

brodychet2387d ago

Can't be a coincidence. They wouldn't have made that text as legible. That's too clear. Was mean't to be read.

Gamer19822387d ago

would be amazing to see loads of easter eggs in exclusive games leading up to it. As nothing like thats ever been done before.

miyamoto2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Oh Crap!

Nathan Drake in a Biohazardish game!

If this doesnt surprise any gamer nothing will!

I hope I am right!

iWaggler never cease to amaze me with his skills in gaming.

enfestid2387d ago

I don't see how it could be a coincidence. That kind of story really has no place in the Uncharted universe.

Pretty neat tie-in if it is one.

inveni02386d ago

What this means to me is that the events of "The Last of Us" happen in the future (though not too distant). If the fungus was a serious threat during the Uncharted 3 timeline, then Drake and Sully would have had bigger concerns than chasing some old lady around.

So the question is not just how long does it take the fungus to wreck the world? Instead, we should be asking, "Does Drake survive for Uncharted 4?"

gaffyh2386d ago

Too much to be a coincidence. Whether or not it means ND are the developers dunno.

BUT, ND is/was quite close to Bungie, even when they were a MS only dev. They used to have basketball matches etc. between teams, so this could be the Bungie game!

Jerkstore812386d ago

Anyone else in the same boat I'm in? That is, the boat that seriously doesn't give a sh*t about a vague teaser for an unannounced game?

RedDragan2386d ago

Team Soho comes across as the only Sony studio that has had the time on it's hands since the 2006 date the youtube page was created.

In that timespan they have only done Eyepet which was didn't take them long to make. The Getaway series was cancelled around that 2005/2006 date... they wouldn't have done that if not for a very good reason.

If it is not Team Soho then what on earth have they been working on for so long?!

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jc485732387d ago

I know. This is just the kind of things I like seeing in gaming.....(2012)

-Alpha2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

Oh man, Naughty Dog MUST be the developers, sh*t just got real lol

MAYBE an Insomniac game? ND and Insomniac always were close and cross referenced their Jak and Ratchet series

Great find anyway

cloud4952387d ago

It wouldn't make sense if it was Insomniac since their working on Overstrike and just finished R&C:A4O and R3. Unless the other Insomniac company is making it and if it comes out in 2013.

I think it's Santa Monica's game since their quite close with ND as-well and GOW3 released last year which give's them awhile to work on a new game.

kneon2387d ago

I doubt it's ND, I don't think they are big enough to handle multiple large projects like this at the same time.

NiKK_4192387d ago

Remember that it's been rumored to have been in development since 2006. So, it could be almost anyone.

jwatt2387d ago

It could be Santa Monica but they are also helping with Starhawk development. Anybody ever thought it could be SCE London Studios?

Silver_Faux2387d ago

GG or Santa, its gotta be one of them, no one else could have possibly had the time surely.

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Parapraxis2387d ago

Here is who ND thanked at the end of UC3.
Continue speculation.
The standout for me is Bungie.

DaveMan2387d ago

I think you just narrowed it down to the 8 developers we should be thinking about. I agree Bungie? Why would Bungie be credited in a Naughty Dog game? It's definitely strange.

For some reason I'm sorta of going to put my money on Bungie/Sony Santa Monica for the time being.

Nice Find mate.

cloud4952387d ago

Bungie was credited in U2 as-well.

theonlylolking2387d ago

Bungie was in the credits of uncharted 2 as well.

jdktech20102387d ago

credited for multiplayer inspirations....same as UC2

Bungie and ND have a good relationship and mention each other frequently in interviews, weekly updates, etc.

Combo2387d ago

what's sucker punch been up to?

Sevir2387d ago

with Activision for its new IP!!!! Which is multiplatform! sooooooooooooooo nope Bungie isn't in the developer of "The Last of Us"

But this is, interesting! an amazing and very great find. Video games in Sony always tease of a a game coming in the future. heavy rain had the chimera statue and that kinda foreshadowed R3... not uncommon. Just like Infamous 1 with the Sly cooper 4 easter egg.

We will have to wait and see.

a_bro2387d ago

respawn is credited as well, shit just hit the fan.. thanks for the find, havent beaten U3 yet, doing lots of work before the end of the semester.

Convas2387d ago

Parapraxis, Bungie helped Naughty Dog develop their netcode for Uncharted 2 multiplayer. That's why they are thanked in Uncharted 2, and also Uncharted 3, as a continuance of gratitude for the help they provided for the MP experience running in both UC2 and UC3.

ShAkKa2387d ago

Thanks for the spoilers jackass, now I know who gets thanked at the end of U3 >:(


Dee_912387d ago

@Panthers its so obvious now !

fei-hung2387d ago

I think they had help from Bungie and Respawn for the MP portion of the game.

I remember watching a video when Uncharted 2 was being released and when asked about the multiplayer, they said they had help from Infinity Ward (at the time).

Undeadwolfy2387d ago

Redrawn? As in EA's Respawn Entertainment with Jason West and Vince Zampella? Surprised they're in the credits...

Also, what are the chances Respawn are making The Last Of Us? I wouldn't imagine it'd high since they are owned by EA and they don't really do exclusives. Although Sony have had a close relationship with them with the exclusive NFS DLC, extra content and times DLC. Im really intrigued now.

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SephirothX212387d ago

If not a coincidence, brilliant on ND's part. Its small references like this that make cool games like Uncharted 3 even cooler. Think about it. UC3 first full trailer shown at VGAs 2010. UC3 releases a month before VGAs 2011 containing a possible reference to a game that will be unveiled at VGAs 2011. Could ND be the developer?

xAlmostPro2387d ago

Make sense as to why the first screenshot is so god damn stunning :P

Pl4sm42387d ago

maybe it would be a left 4 dead like game for the ps3 ?

PirateThom2385d ago

Just like to point out how I called it.

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TheKindRoost2387d ago (Edited 2387d ago )

holy shit, concidence? then again devs always do these, sly 4 easter egg in infamous for example.

xVeZx2387d ago

sly4 and infamous are made by the same developer -sucker punch....nobody knows who is developing the last of us yet but from this easter egg naughty dog might be the developers

HeavenlySnipes2387d ago

The next Sly coming out isn't being developed by Sucker Punch

SweatyFlorida2387d ago

So? Was Valve making Super 8 when they had that easter egg in Portal 2? No.

xVeZx2387d ago

the other slys were so i just assumed...oh come the disagrees and a bunch of people telling me that im wrong

disturbing_flame2387d ago

Man, you guys are crazy. lol

That's why sometimes i like geeks and gamers (you know who you are).
I like theories when they are creative; less when it is just aimed for console war.

yesmynameissumo2387d ago

IF this is a Naughty Dog game...SOLD. Without question.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2386d ago

Doubt ND would of had time to develop this during the making of U3. I also dont think GG would do this kind of game (just an assumption) plus K3 was only released in February. Same with Sucker Punch. Obviously not Bungie or Insomniac.

My bet would be on Santa Monica. GOW||| was released years ago and I think their moving on. But seeing as its probably by 1 of those studios then it's pretty safe to say this game is bound to be good.

TotalHitman2386d ago

GOW3 wasn't released years ago, it was released in 2010.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2386d ago

Yeah early 2010 , anyway , my point is they would of had a lot of time. The only thing is I heard it started development in 2006, so I don't know how any of the devs I listed would of had time ?