PS3 Fanboy review: Soldier of Fortune Payback

The Soldier of Fortune series of games has long been a guilty little pleasure for many gamers. Developed by Raven Software (the guys making a little title called Quake 4), the first game starred a real-life mercenary named John Mullins and was made popular due to its unusual (for the time) real-world topical settings and violent, visceral combat. A sequel was made two years later in 2002, also starring John Mullins, titled Soldier of Fortune: Double Helix and upped the ante considerably in terms of gore and violence due to their much publicized GHOUL 2.0 dismemberment system.

Unfortunately, it doesn't take long for cracks to start showing in Soldier of Fortune Payback's facade. Right off the bat, you find out that they've ditched the series protagonist John Mullin in favor for a generic faceless mercenary who sounds like he's trying to pass an unusually large kidney stone every time he opens his chew-filled mouth. The rest of the voice acting in the game varies from much worse to slightly better and completely fails at drawing you into the characters or the story itself....

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RadientFlux3763d ago

I only died once while playing SOF3. This is one of the more recent FPS games that reminded me of Duck Hunt. The majority of the enemies basically walk or run right in front of you and all you have to do is aim and pull the trigger.

The gore and gun balance was pretty good, but overall the game was too easy and short. Makes a nice rental though if you just want to shoot stuff.

MK_Red3762d ago

Good points specially the "Duck Hunt" part :)
It would have recieved much better reviews if had a budget price because it is one but Activision is sadly charging for too much. Still, it's pretty fun game and a 6-7/10 in my book (Though I'm a huge fan of previous games and blood & gore).