CNET Starting Investigation Into Gamespot Policies

Kotaku writes:

"The entire Gamespot craziness that we've seen for the last week or so is bad news for the site. But the repercussions could be just as bad for Gamespot's equally trafficking though possibly more famous/influential tech-reviewing parent site, CNET."

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Mr_Kuwabara3728d ago

Yeah right, they just say that for us to "feel" better, but in reality, they won't do sh!t.

hotshot1273728d ago

ay man, i just gave you a bubble. you mind returning the favor please.

actually i can give you 2 more if you want me

fury3728d ago (Edited 3728d ago )

once your reputation is ruined, you can stop worrying about what other people think.

Edit: Have bubbles guys, it's almost christmas.

solar3728d ago

im sorry, but after the whole Eidos and putting up fake review stars up on their site for Kane & Lynch this story is getting more sewer crotch smellin by the second. anything Eidos, GS, or Cnet says right now i cant trust. its like the whole Clinton cigar thing and Bush Administration all over again. lies lies and more lies.

theoneandonly3728d ago

Nothing but a coverup, won't we?

And that's saying something. GameSpot should just be tossed to the dogs.

hotshot1273728d ago

bubbles right back at both of you

Relientk773728d ago

investigate their evil-ness ... see that they are corrupt and biased

DaddyDC6503728d ago

Can I have some bubbles? I'll return the favor. =)

antoinetm3728d ago

- Gamespot : "Can i have some money?"
- eidos : "Sure, if you return the favor"
- Gamespot : "Sure, 9/10 for ya"
- Gamespot : "Oops..wrong button"
- GamerZ : " (-) for the both of you bastards!"

sounds familliar huh..

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