Beowulf: The Game Gone Budget in Record Time

Beowulf the movie is certainly not a budget title. It uses the latest technology to create a 3d CG experience like never before, and employs actors at the top of their game - who surely cost a bomb. The budget must be huge. Budget for the game? Hmm…well it could still be quite significant, but with this news they can't have put that much cash into at all.

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mighty_douche3875d ago

Well the Movie sucks nuts so im not expecting much to come from the game.

KidMakeshift3875d ago

I'd vote for turd sandwich over you any day

mighty_douche3875d ago

gotta love the South Park!

you seen it to? what you think?

KidMakeshift3875d ago (Edited 3875d ago )

Play the game and you'll understand why it's only $20 now