Kane & Lynch Site Drops Five Star "Reviews"

Kotaku reports that the official Kane & Lynch: Dead Men website has removed a series of fake five-stars reviews and ratings.

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PimpHandHappy3880d ago

what movie did that?

i 4get

they put fake reviews on the box

they should drop the price of this game and maybe someone will buy it

ElementX3880d ago

I might buy this in a bargain bin, however I expected more from the Hitman folks.

Mr_Kuwabara3880d ago

WTF is Eidos' problem?

Sheesh denial is a b!tch!

Sez 3880d ago

this game must suck bad.if they have to fake game rating to sell this sh*t. i think they need to stick with just hitman and tomb raider games imo

kydrice3880d ago

It's not like this is an isolated incident...I mean just turn on your tv and watch a movie commercial. How many "#1 comedy movie of the year!!" can there be if all 8 comedy movies say they are. I see movies who had gotten a bunch of bad reviews only to see their commercials boasting about how this and that reviewer gave it 4/4 stars and two thumbs up when really everyone hated it.

solar3880d ago

did you read the fine print? its like some butt f--- town in idaho newspaper reviewer that gave it 4/4 stars. and they can boast that all they want cuz hell, its true! same with game reviews. like says "kane & lynch: Dead Men" best game ever! well its a website that said it, but its not a reputable source.

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The story is too old to be commented.