You Think You Want a CoD4 Remake, But You Don’t – Treyarch Dev Talks Innovation

MP1st - Recently, David Vonderhaar, Game Design Director at Treyarch, opened up a dialogue with fans revealing what kind of thinking goes into developing a Call of Duty game.

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e-p-ayeaH2361d ago

I just want a new engine treyarch and better online.

soundslike2361d ago

new graphics engine and some actual work on sound design would win me back in a heartbeat.

tmoss7262361d ago

That's Battlefield 3 dude.

Coffin872361d ago

"Treyarch dev talks innovation"

lastdual2361d ago

Honestly, while a new engine would be nice, it's new gameplay that I would be more interested in.

Fewer Michael Bay-style explosive set pieces and more stealth and exploration. Give me some actual pacing with real peaks and valleys rather than constant, brain-numbing action scenes. Lose the on-rails vehicle sequences and give me wide-open battlefields with vehicles that can be driven in any direction to take on objectives as I see fit.

I could go on, but you get the point. It's the super-linear progression from one cut scene to the next that is killing the series, more so than the engine.

frostypants2361d ago

Laugh if you like, but there was more innovation in Black Ops than in MW3, relatively speaking. You're sure not going to see anything great from Infinity Ward, because their main talent is gone (hence why MW3 is a warmed over re-hash). If Treyarch can't bring more innovations, you might as well stick a fork in the CoD series, because no one else will.

DirtyLary2361d ago

They wont. The second the game changes from quake 3 with modern day guns, people will scream.

A new engine is the definite end to the COD/MW juggernaut,and the rat maze, circle jerk, musical chairs game play COD has become.

RumbleFish2360d ago

To be honest, I was a big fan of CoD 4 (played it on PS3). So I bought CoD [email protected], to learn that they sold me a full price map pack with a slightly weaker single player campaign. The multi player was not bugged that much as the CoD 4 multi player before the patch that took them 2 weeks to release for the US version and additional 6 weeks for the EU version.
CoD [email protected] was my last purchase of that franchise.
Now I have BF3 on my PC running an average of 60 fps on ultra settings. What can I say? I'm happy with that.
For those who prefer smaller maps and infantry only gameplay I hope that there will be a new engine and some change of direction gameplaywise for the franchise soon.

dawgsfan1172360d ago

Cod4 was brilliant. I wish we could go back to its simple and balanced gameplay aswell as the amazing map design. The three kill streak system and the small amount of camoes that served to show off how many headshots you had with a weapon were perfect. Also does anybody remember how awesome it was the first time you picked up the 50. cal sniper?

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disturbing_flame2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Actually it's pretty funny to say people don't want a COD 4 remake and are waiting for innovation, when they actually just took Infinity Ward engine to make their games.

We ll talk about innovation with Treyarch when they will work on their own new engine. Untill then they are just releasing like extension every year for 70 bucks.

Because of their lack of innovation, they are killing all the positive thoughts around the licence. It may sells more but the multiplayer is just getting worse with time.

RedDead2361d ago

Yeah I have to say I think Blops is the best Cod since 4. But they have done **** all innovation wise, they just had the engine and did what they wanted with it. Which is still little more than an expansion to Cod4

lategamer2361d ago

I thought Nazi Zombies and Gun Customization was pretty innovative.

How was BF3 innovative? New Engine? That's not innovation. Destruction? Bad Company 2 had that, and Red Faction did it better. Sound Design? That's always been great?

How was Uncharted 3/Gears 3/etc. innovative?

IrishAssa2361d ago

Nazi zombies is horde mode. Gun customization.. .please don't tell me you think Cod invented that? BF is new(nuff said on it). Cod isn't new since 4. Just map packs and perks. Either improving the game or making it worse. Nothing more nothing less.

Getowned2361d ago

You wan't a game with crazy customizations try Rainbow6:Las vegas 2 i'm sure there are games more customizable but that was awesome,the controls take getting use too but it's fun.

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Tanir2361d ago

the words Innovation and COD dont go together

scrambles2361d ago

BAHAHAHAHA strike packages... ive played it and all i have to say is support is ppl who cant get kill streaks and its still the same old boring mw2

radphil2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

"Strike packages, anyone?"

That's not innovative...that's just re-tweaking what they already had going.

That's like saying that Deathstreaks are innovation after Killstreaks were around.

Sarcasmology2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Yeah, I'm a little surprised the universe hasn't folded in on itself for even suggesting the idea. It's like saying there are lawyers that have morals, or will work for free. Things like these NEVER happen.

tigertron2361d ago

They do, aslong as you put the words 'no' infront of 'innovation' and 'in' before COD.

Millah2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I'm not a COD fanboy, but you have to at least recognize what the games Infinity Ward made has done for the genre. Tyarch and innovation don't go together, but Infinity Ward games have always innovated (that is, until the company collapsed after MW2 released). MW3 is the first game from IW that isn't up to par with the rest of em, simply because the talent is no longer at IW, instead at their newly formed studio Respawn.

COD 1 invented aiming down sights, almost a decade ago. Other developers only recently started doing this in their games. COD2 invented the regenerative health system that is standard in every shooter today, as well as other things like hitmarkers, onscreen grenade indicators, toss back grenades, etc.

COD4, being the most innovative, literally invented the entire online multiplayer framework used by other franchises today. Perks, killstreaks, leveling, challenges, etc.

Innovation can be measured by it's influence. I think most rational people would agree that COD4 and MW2 have been quite influential. So for you to say that COD has never innovated, would mean you have not been playing video games for very long, or you're just an obnoxious fanboy that jumped on the "hate on COD" bandwagon ever since MW2 became a huge success.

Don't blame Infinity Ward for what Activision did to the series (as well as their studio). Jason West and Vince Zampella hated it just as much as you all do, which is why they had their big fallout. They hated Treyarch with a passion too.

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GraveLord2361d ago

I want a new engine too but I know it would bring too much compromise on current-gen consoles.

ambientFLIER2361d ago

"I just want a new engine treyarch and better online."

Oh, is that all?

Hicken2361d ago

And better sound might do.

Oh, and a singleplayer that actually has some LENGTH.

And guns that were more balanced from the start.

And a simplified list of killstreaks.

And solid hit detection.

And either a legitimate way to use sniper rifles, or none at all.

And much weaker auto-aim.

SSKILLZ2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

No dude, Battlefield is battlefield and Cod is Cod,
now that said its not to mutch to ask that cod get a upgrade many peoploe have been with this franchise and its only fair that they up grade and make a real good looking Cod for the fans.

ReservoirDog3162361d ago

New engine will happen next gen. It's just how it is.

But what's this?

" It can be speculated that the reason why fans request such a thing is because for many, CoD4 was their “first” CoD experience. Your first experience in almost anything tends to be the most memorable."

CoD4 wasn't my first CoD. 2 was and that was really*** great for the time but CoD4 knocked it out of the park in nearly every way. That's why I want every CoD game to be similar. Because it was great. Instead, we get horrible mw2, decent fun with black ops and a game with 1 shot kills with mw3.

Well, whatever. I rented mw3 so I guess I can't complain (woo gamefly!).

Highlife2361d ago

I want there to be a break till the new consoles are out. New engine, ideas and a fresh start.

Lets get creative people!

I realize that is a pipe dream.

loobtube2360d ago

You can't get any better than cod4,its a classic.They tried and failed or just got lazy,dedicated servers would be the sad thing is that it's all about shareholders and greed.It's a bloody shame:-(

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Mister_V2361d ago

Treyarch did some great things with Black Ops, things that didn't even make it into MW3. Hearing all this stuff, I'm getting quite excited for their next title, be it Black Ops 2 or whatever, maybe even more excited than I was for MW3.

Criminal2361d ago

If all studios behind the CoD franchise can coordinate better, we'd get more polished games.

Shackdaddy8362361d ago

I rather have a WaW2...guess I'm the minority :(

Criminal2361d ago

I'm with you. I'd love to see a WaW2.

MRMagoo1232360d ago

i myself enjoyed WaW more than the modern rehashes they keep making, having no scopes and getting long shots on ppl was pretty fun when using the rifles. The only thing i didnt like was the tanks the maps where too small for them imo.

Shackdaddy8362360d ago

True. If they do a WaW2, they either need to balance tanks a lot or just take them out completely.

I just absolutely loved WaW though. Every gun felt like it had some type of power to it and just the feel was so great. Thompson was amazing to shoot.

FunkMcnasty2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

@Mister V Same here. Black Ops was my favorite since COD4, simply because of the freedom of customization, and the instant gratification of being able to purchase any, perk, upgrade, and attatchments you wanted for a gun as soon as you unlocked it. I was never a fan of the "kill X amount of people for unlock this attatchment" that IW does and Treyarch did with WaW. I also thought the maps were better, and I really enjoyed the wager matches and their unique game types.

I think the only thing that held Black Ops back was the lag and server issues.

I didn't pick up MW3 because, quite frankly, I just need a break from CoD. Picked up BF3 on release day and have'nt looked for another online shooter since.. but if Treyarch stick with Black Ops too I may just check into that.. might be what I need to renew my interest in CoD.

RankFTW2361d ago

Who the hell wants a CoD4 remake?

AdmiralSnake2361d ago

Nobody... they want the memories and good times they had on COD4, but those days are long gone.

3GenGames2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Exactly, nobody wants a remake, they want a game with the same quality, same ammount of balance, simplicity (NO MORE THAN 3 SET KILLSTREAKS and all that other crap like tactical insertions) and just a good new game. Sadly that probably won't happen if Activision does what they always do, run it into the ground and don't care. I mean everything they added from COD4->MW2 basically broke the game. It really did and it was a shame. Now it's just a sad joke that people still think it's good because of how great COD4 was that set off this monster of a bad game managing to become popular for so long.

ReservoirDog3162361d ago

@ 3gen

Perfecty* said.


JeffGUNZ2361d ago

@ 3gengames

I disagree with you. I have been let down on all COD's since COD4, but I actually enjoy MW3. I really enjoy support killstreaks and bigger rewards for playing as a team and going for objectives.

MRMagoo1232360d ago

I think one of the main problems for each new iteration is the kill streaks they just keep adding more and more crap like that, when what most COD players want a back to basics COD4 experience.

We want it to be about the shooting again and from what i can tell its more about the kill streaks and getting the kills is just the means to an end.

Each new COD seems to get further away from the game we all loved.

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nobody wants a remake... what we want is a sequel that plays as consistently as cod4 did.

Cod4 was not perfect. it had bugs, it had lag issues at time.... BUT, compared to blackops and MW3, it played like a dream.

It does not matter what new and great innovations they put into the game if the game is hardly playable.

I thought Blackops had some good ideas on paper, but in the end it meant little if every time I empty a clip into someone I would get killed by one shot. Then I would have the pleasure of watching the kill cam which showed me not even lifting my gun. MW3 is even worse.

I dont care for all the fancy crap they put in it. if I shoot first and accurately at the guys head I want to be rewarded for the kill. Not die and then watch the kill came of the guy shooting the thin air to the left or right of me and getting a head shot

_Aarix_2361d ago

how can you remake a current gen game for the same gen?

StayStatic2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Guess after black ops 2 or whatever they end up calling it, we will get a Call of Duty anniversary edition (CoD 1 released in 2003 iirc), just seems to be a trend now xD

Hufandpuf2361d ago

as much as I hate COD, those are some true words right there.

soundslike2361d ago

honestly from the LAST people I'd ever expect to hear them from

seriously...some major irony.