The Witcher 2: Namco Bandai wins Law suit

THQ is no longer the publisher of The Witcher 2 - site already translated in english

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Bigpappy2355d ago

So this means it will be finally be coming to 360 in the near future. Good, I have heard good things about this WRPG and would like to check it out.

Letros2355d ago

Probably going to be delayed again after having to change publishers, kind of silly of CD Projekt RED to not see this suit coming.

Mario0072355d ago

also remember this is Namco, they could easily get one of their smaller studios to port the game on ps3 since namco do most business in ps3

NuclearDuke2355d ago

Seriously hate these german sites translating with google translate. They even have the source linked, can't this site discard all Google Translate submissions ??? VG247 have the news in English, the translated version makes zero sense.

sonicsidewinder2355d ago

I bet the Namco Lawyers did a Tekken style 'You Win' pose after getting the verdict.

rattletop2355d ago

i thought they had some kinda deal with warner..