Xbox Live: Society's sewer, or society's mirror?

To say that gamers don't have the greatest of reputations is putting it mildly. We're portrayed as violent-minded, introverted, disturbed malefactors and a lot of the perception is, to be fair, quite justified. The release of the Halo 3 homophobia video proved to highlight a very real problem on Xbox Live, that of classless, brainless individuals who have found a home for their hateful and bigoted opinions.

However, does the abuse, chauvanism, homophobia and racism of Xbox Live expose a problem with "gamer culture," or does it rather serve as a magnifying glass for culture at large? While many people choose to use the likes of those found on Xbox Live to mock and chastise the gaming community, how many of them are willing to turn those accusing fingers back to the sector of society that they believe they exclusively belong to?

Is Xbox Live really society's sewer, or is it rather society's mirror?

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Boink3882d ago

I think it's more a mirror. there are a lot more racists and biggots out there than people want to believe, and places that provide anonymity let these idiots show their true colours.

it's same reasoning as to why you see people talking about how disgusting and terrible and vile porn is(not here, but let's look at congress, the churches, family values people etc, and the rest of the general public), yet it makes billions online due to the cover of anonymous downloads and mysterious brown boxes sent via courrier.

and people will say it doesn't happen on the PSN, but I can guarantee you that if the ps3/PSN had 8 million users, and had voice chat in every game, it would experience the same thing.

BloodySinner3882d ago

You've got a point. Then again, it only proves that when you report a user, nothing is done about it.

power of Green 3882d ago

You don't need PSN to prove this goes on everywhere I was just attacked in a 360 thread that had more PS3 fans in it than 360 fans.

Dmack793882d ago

Personally I believe its reflects the society we live in today. And that goes for PPS3 and PC too.

toughNAME3882d ago

so many disagrees

show yourself sony boys!

Bolts3882d ago

So far the scums that infest the Live community isn't an issue with the PC and the PSN. This is mostly based on the fact that the PC and PSN isn't as mic-ed as Xbox Live so the annoying types are either muted because they don't have a mic or in the PC case...the trash that they type are often lost in the action of the game messages.

Overall while idiots in the PSN and PC community do exists, they're not as vocal and less likely to intrude into your gaming experience.

power of Green 3882d ago

No public taboo's to worry about online... nuff said.

kewlkat0073882d ago (Edited 3882d ago )

One thing I know about this world and not just little ol XBL and PSN, is "EVERYBODIES SH^T STINKS"

You get immature and ignorance from all walks of life. I don't give a sh^t on what network you hear it on it doesn't make it right, regardless. I won't pardon or protect any social network.

I didn't just wake up today to find out, there are cruel Mofos everywhere.

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