Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Is Too Predictable (Grade: B-)

Damon Sims of writes: "Uncharted: Drake's Fortune" puts a fictional spin on the search for this lost treasure.

The hero is Nick Drake, descendant of 16th-century English explorer Sir Francis Drake, one of many who took a stab at finding El Dorado. Using Nick, players attempt to finish a journey started more than 400 years ago and find something worshipped by ancient civilizations, chased by conquistadors and German soldiers and protected by monks.

The game moves effortlessly as one chapter flows seamlessly into the next. The action is interrupted only when a puzzle is encountered or a cut scene introduces a shift in the plot. The high-definition graphics mean characters actually look wet in the water and the less-sturdy parts of the environment stand out".

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PStriple7033762d ago

Never buy games based of reviews, it's just other people opition....if the game intrest you just go buy it

ktchong3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

The problem with your rationale is that there are people who don't have a PS3 to "try" those games or the demos for themselves. So they have to read reviews to see if the PS3 has enough "AAA" killer games to make the system worth buying. And why should they trust the opinions of PS3 fanboys over critics?

Ultimately, it's GAMES that sell a system, not Cell, not Blu-ray, not Home. Ultimately, it's GAMES that score over 90+ that will sell the PS3 to GAMERS who want to play "AAA" games and not bother with the hype over Cell and Blu-ray. Ultimately, it's "AAA" games that will sell the PS3 to people who don't have the system yet to try out Uncharted or Ratchet and Clank Future for themselves.

ElementX3762d ago

Games that score over 90? All two or three of them for ps3?

Bubble Buddy3762d ago

you reviewers are also very predictable. Did Sony pay us? no ok we give em a bad score. oh man. 5 mil from MS. 10/10 for Microsoft. ITS MARIO. 11/10

Mr_Kuwabara3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Please, just keep on looking for more articles (and don't comment) because it makes you "look" smarter.

BrianC62343762d ago

Let me get this straight. A great game like Uncharted gets a B- and a mediocre Need For Speed game gets a B? This guy is a terrible reviewer. I sure won't use his reviews to know what to buy.

macalatus3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

@the round peg,

Oh, wait, so using your rationale, anybody who sincerely enjoyed this game and rightfully believes so, is an automatic freakin' Sony fanboy!?! Don't get me wrong, I agree with some of your points (and they're legit points), but for you to label people who have favorable opinion on this game as 'fanboys' only exposes you as an ignorant fanboy!

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ktchong3762d ago

If that's the case, I would have bought a PS3 for "Lair" already. That's actually my "most anticipated" game BEFORE it was released... well, we know how that game turned out.

Danja3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

How did Lair turnout..??

Cuz I played the game..and the biggest gripe that reviewers had was the control...and alot of ppl who actually played the game will tell you that the motion controlls work just fine..once you get use to it..

it had a few repetitve missons..and a bad targetting system...and alot of games...that get high 8's and 9's..have bigger probs..ala Assassins Creed and Mass Effect..!!

SmokeyMcBear3762d ago

too predicatable?? some say finding the holdings you need to get to was too hard to see, now its too predictable. All I know i did not predict how this game was going to play out, chapter 15 and up threw me for a loop.

ruibing3762d ago

Well I think its like reading a book, you always come in with your own perspective and the book tries to change that. To what degree depends on the book and your own personality, so everyone should take reviews that criticizes on these details with a grain of salt. If the guy played a game only trying to find flaws, he apparently found it. But if he was genuine, then maybe it was just a really big deal for him that games surprise him like techno thrillers.

wil4hire3762d ago


How many games AREN'T predictable?!!?

Review the GAME

ktchong3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

its "story" is not as good as Star Wars. i.e., "it's no Star Wars."

wil4hire3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

Why are you talking about Mass Effect?

EDGE criticized the game for not living up to its "EPIC" hype and RPG elements 50hr+gameplay. Everyone Hyped Biowares Mass Effect BASED on the Success of KOTOR. Edge pointed out that it doesn't live up to that hype. THAT is why they spoke about the story. It was the main thing that Microsoft and Bioware touted. "EXTENDED GAMEPLAY WITH AMAZING EPIC STORY"

I couldn't count How many times "EPIC" has been thrown around to describe Mass Effect. While it is indeed a long game, its plagued with Technical flaws. Severe technical flaws. Every other reviewer that has given this game a realistic review has pointed out the shortcomings of the AI, the Vehicle Control, Your teamates, The replay value, the planets you cant go to, the muppet animations, framerate problems, loading stutter, and loading hallways etc. Actually All reviews have said this same exact thing EXCEPT for EDGE. I know for a fact im not making any of its "flaws" up.

Now do you understand why Edge went after the Story of the so called "epic" mass effect?

To this DATE NO ONE HAS Hyped Uncharted's "GROUND BREAKING STORY." Naughty Dog and Sony have both said its just a nod to pulp COMICS, "Not EPIC ADVENTURES BEYOND ALL ADVENTURES OMG IM GOING TO COME THIS IS SO EPIC." When compared to Indiana Jones & Romancing the Stone, really... where would a reviewer get the idea that Uncharted is some how supposed to change the way we look at Adventure games? Its an adventure game. Only an idiot would think that Nate isn't going to get what hes after, in one way or another. Its like watching Indiana jones going "Hmmph, predictable." Everything that has been hyped about Uncharted has been agreed upon by every single reviewer.

This is the PS3's main problem. Everyone expects its games to re-define genres with every single release.

The 360 can release a Rehash of Halo2, and its perfectly fine.
The PS3 Releases a rehash of any game genre FPS/3rd Person/Run & Smash, and all of a sudden "WHERE IS THE INGENUITY?!?! WHERE IS THE TWIST!?!? WHY IS THIS NO DIFFERENT THAN ANY OTHER GAME I'VE PLAYED??!?!?"

Why is no one asking Mass Effect creators "WHERE IS THE INGENUITY?!? WHERE IS THE CREATIVITY?? I've Played KOTOR BEFORE.. WHERE IS THE NEW GAME GENRE?!!?" Or any 360 title creators.

The PS3 is solely responsible for new game genre's new game stories, new gameplay mechanics (killswitch cover system) While the 360 is graded on the games. "How good is this game?" Is all thats asked for the 360 review. "How good is this game, compared to all other games and stories before it? Is it New?" Is whats asked for PS3 Reviews.

The game engine is SECOND TO NONE on ANY console. This includes the lighting/animations/water/dyna mics.

The Gameplay is great. The only complaints are:

"The jumping is TOO EASY!"
"Too many enemies"

I'll take the few complaints our AA game has, over Long Loading times, stuttering framerate, terrible A.I, Terrible character animations any day.

Uncharted is the best game this generation. For people that like Adventure/Platformers. Its the best game this generation for people that like Graphics, as said by reviewers.

Its amazingly fun. I Own COD4/AssCreed/Ratchet and I havent touched any since I bought uncharted. That game makes me go stupid with how amazing it is.

After you get into the game, there is NO loading at all. Even when you finish up a battle.. running around for ammo you might just catch a really nice view of the jungle or the photorealistic water. There is no stuttering, no lag.. I wish I was at home right now.. I'd be playing that. Instead of checking your ass in this thread.

Dont EVER bring up "MASS EFFECT" when talking about Uncharted. Its blasphemy.

And as far as the story being predictable, I really doubt the guy played it to chapter 15.

[email protected] GodOfPeace

I am at work waiting on my frames to finish rendering so I can composite them, plus Im getting paid while I wait.


GodofPeace3762d ago

wow... you need a life...

solar3762d ago

i want to kiss you right now. you made some excellent points and brought to light to me a different prospective. bubbles for you my friend.

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RadientFlux3762d ago

While I love when a game has an unpredictable plot (KOTOR being a great example). I don't really consider it a negative if the plot is predictable as long as the gameplay is excellent (which Uncharted has).

solar3762d ago

not trying to spoil anything...but did you see the plot twist unfolding like that tho? i sure as hell didnt!

DrPirate3762d ago

Yeah for real eh?

The plot took a magnificent turn for me, and in the article, he even got the name wrong.

Nick Drake? It's Nathan Drake.

This guy didn't even play the game.

Danja3762d ago

I agree Solar I never would have guessed the atmosphere of the game would take such a drastic change..when that thing grabbed Eddie I was like this RE:4..?? for this alone no-one can say the game is too predictable....

solar3762d ago

@ Danja

ridiculous right? like anyone would have any freaking inkling of an idea that was going to happen. thats what review numbers dont mean anything to me. its the collective comparison between the pro's and con's of numerous websites to figure out who is a complete idiot. ie this place, gamespot, and others.

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