Analysts: High-def formats will remain at parity

By Susanne Ault -- Video Business, 12/4/2007:

Despite overwhelming Blu-ray hardware dominance, software for the two high-definition formats will be selling nearly equally for several years, according to sister companies Screen Media Digest and Adams Media Research.

Highlights from their analysis:
• The main factor eating into high-definition adoption is standard-definition DVD.
• By the end of 2008, the installment base for the PS3 will top all HD DVD devices combined by about eight times.
• By 2012, U.S. high-def software will be evenly split between the two formats, where Blu-ray represents 55% of the market and HD DVD represents 45%.
• Globally the software split will be 60% Blu-ray; 40% HD DVD.
• By 2012, standard DVD discs will total $10 billion in U.S. consumer sales, HD DVD $5 billion and Blu-ray $5 billion.

Screen Media recommends that the Blu-ray and HD DVD camps lay off the war mongering public dialog as it discourages consumers from buying into either format. Adams Media Research hopes studios lighten up on their strict anti-copying stance to spurs hi-def growth.

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Boink3942d ago

it's predictions like this that make me glad I haven't spend hundreds of $$$ on a stupid player.

i think I'll go DL some HD movies now...

toughNAME3942d ago

By 2012, I still won't care

Relientk773941d ago

wow seriously ppl just make estimates and predictions...

why dont we just wait and find out?