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Could The “Last of Us” Be Epic Games PS3 Exclusive? Other Possibilities

TheParanoidGamer writes: "Sony has been teasing us about this game for quite some time now. First they released a few teaser videos, which many assumed would be some sort of zombie type of game. This week we saw the first screenshots and wow do they look stunning. So who exactly is developing this game?" (PS3, The Last Of Us)

sedx  +   1330d ago
kojima is developing the game. the game is going to be snatcher.

lol @ the disagrees heres proof
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Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
How is that proof?

your assuming because you hear breathing (It's in the ant video) it has to do with snatcher?
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iChii  +   1330d ago
Hes just trolling, ignore him.

You know what would be epic tho? If in the VGA's announcement trailer, they used the song "In the House, In a heartbeat" that was used in 28 Days/Weeks later.
Sevir  +   1330d ago
No its not! Kojima next game isn't due for an announcement
till late next year after Rising Ships!-_-
LNDCalling  +   1330d ago
Please don't tell me your being serious!!
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RememberThe357  +   1330d ago
Theres no way to know, so just wait and see what happens.
InfectedDK  +   1330d ago
It's Dead Nation 2 ppl!
OR another IP from the developers of Dead Nation.

- Look at 0:21 here and notice the sign:
- Look at 0:05 here and notice the same sign:

Same signs, same type of video!
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Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
I think your onto something actually
I'm not talking about the sign, but the voices for dead nation is very similar to that of Last of Us. Already tried searching for the Voice actorand couldn't find any future projects or anything .
gta2800  +   1330d ago
You kinda killed my hopes of this being a big title lol.
xAlmostPro  +   1330d ago
It's called the last of us -_- I mean.. i'm pretty sure 'the last of us' is not a project name or teaser name.
InfectedDK  +   1330d ago
I noticed the voice also. However the videos themselves are much a like. So yes. And I only see one guy hyping a show where the game will be unveiled. I know some ppl. might hope it's bigger, I personally would be glad if it turns out to be Dead Nation 2 or another IP from the developer. But it could still be bigger when listening to the Spike promo.

gta2800: lol sorry dude ^^

xAlmostPro: Yes exactly. Sounds like something like Dead Nation. Even the logo seems legit for something Dead Nation related.
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bebojet  +   1329d ago
I always had the feeling that it could be Dead Nation 2. And now you pointing that out its definitely possible.
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spunnups  +   1330d ago
no chance Epic is behind this, I would guess Quantic Dreams, SOEJ, or maybe Kojima. Who knows.
Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
well it could be that rumored PS3 game Epic was rumored to be doing a few years back. And with Epic announcing something big and Sony annoucning something big, it wouldn't be all that hard to believe. I like Epic Games, but I would prefer if a studio like Quantic Dreams did it, just cause I liked Heavy Rain and want more of it. A survival horror from Quantic Dreams? My question is will they still stick with QTE or expand it.

Either way I really want to know who the developer are, since usually when a new game is tease there is a dev. logo to go with that tease.

Also doen't anything from Kojima/Konami always have their logo though? Even if it's the smallest thing they usually have it there.
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enfestid  +   1329d ago
There's no point in making an Epic announcement and a "Last of Us" announcement at Spike, though. If Epic was making "Last of Us", they wouldn't have stated they're making their own announcement.
Jobesy  +   1330d ago
If SOEJ is behind it we might not see the game for 5-6 years so I hope that's not the case. Same with Kojima. I really think it's QD or Sony Santa Monica.
Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
Doubtful it's SOEJ. My only reason is typically they have it Japanese in it, and plus the domain hosting is in the USA if that means anything.
Kran  +   1330d ago
I'm hoping Quantic.
ainsz  +   1330d ago
Santa Monica perhaps?
BaN590DeR  +   1330d ago
SolidGear3  +   1330d ago
I'm dying for Agent as much as the next guy but this is not Agent
WooHooAlex  +   1330d ago
From the pics we've seen so far, there is no way Epic is behind this one.
Quantic would be my guess.
bozebo  +   1330d ago
How so?

The rendering in the screenshot (the one that's probably just the menu/intro screen ^_^) looks a bit like the Unreal Engine. Not that my obvservation could be anywhere near accurate but I could try to recreate the scene if they havn't made any fancy custom shaders or extensions (but if it's Epic, they will have).

I would agree that Epic is a bit unlikely, but theres no way you could know that there is no way they are behind it :P Unless you have insider info ^_^

QD would be my guess too. If they are making it then it will be excellent provided they don't rely on QTEs again lol.
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kramun  +   1330d ago
Could it be a game made by Microsoft? The plot thickens.

EDIT:I'm only joking btw. That is obvious isn't it?
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colonel179  +   1330d ago
Hopefully not. I despise the Unreal Engine, especially on the PS3.
xyxzor  +   1330d ago
They don't have to use the Unreal Engine.
bozebo  +   1330d ago
The Unreal Engine is fine, it's just that a lot of developers who use it only do so because they don't have the capabilities or requirements for an in-house engine and there are a lot of experienced Unreal Engine personnel kicking about.
So sometimes they don't properly tailor it enough or put enough effort into adapting the game fully for all platforms (they assume the engine will mean they don't have to so problems like bad mouse input or strange performance issues occur regularly). A well-made single platform Unreal Engine game could be better tailored to that platform, but they need skilled programmers who can be hard to come by.
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venomcarnage89  +   1330d ago
Looks nothing like the Unreal Engine from just the few pictures we've seen. I don't think it'll be from Epic.
bozebo  +   1330d ago
"nothing like the Unreal Engine"
It looks very similar infact. Also, the engine can be vastly adapted - most developers don't tweak it all that much though so a lot of Unreal Engine games look/feel very similar.
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ElVeneno  +   1330d ago
The game looks similar to the tech demo by the new graphics engine by Kojima Productions from the early pictures I've seen.
xyxzor  +   1330d ago
No love for Epic. TBH there's a good chance it's from Epic, especially since everyone thinks it isn't. Plays right into the "exclusive you won't believe".
Panthers  +   1330d ago
Epic is a great dev, so that wouldnt bother me in the slightest. So is Santa Monica. Either way its a win-win. I just cant wait to see what its about.
CandyCaptain  +   1330d ago
Can someone link a article that says they are actually working on a sony exclusive? I've literally never heard of it lol.

Edit: nvm found it in the link <.<'
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Sevir  +   1330d ago
I'm getting tired of all the people who thinks its Kojima... Lets clarify what this game isn't
1. Its not Kojima related (he's at the VGA's to debut Rising in playable form)

2. It isn't GTA5 as an exclusive because thats already been announced.

3. It isn't an exisiting IP/reboot because "The Last of Us" is trade marked to Sony.

4. It isn't half life because the Title is THE LAST OF US.

what this is an announced but not unveiled New ip with a Title! So all the assumptions on the name is silly.

Epic's game is gonna be a big one but likely a multiplatform release! so it isn't gonna be Epid developing this game!

Again, lets all just wait and see who the developer is and what the game looks like on Saturday! we'll know when we see it!
kramun  +   1330d ago
Besides that, Kojima has relied on one series for his success so I doubt this would be something his cutscenes could fit into.
SolidGear3  +   1330d ago
Metal Gear is what you're talking about but you're forgetting Snatcher, Policenauts and Zone of the Enders.
sjaakiejj  +   1330d ago
"It isn't an exisiting IP/reboot because "The Last of Us" is trade marked to Sony. "
Not exactly what you call conclusive evidence. IPs often go under many names, in particular if they're as secretive as this one supposedly is.

Agree with your other points, and as for the Article - No, Epic's already announcing another title at VGA.
Truerandom  +   1330d ago
Yes the Title is "The Last of Us". Have you ever thought, it might just be the Sub Title and not the Title.

Real name of game: The Last of Us. That's a possibility or The Last of Us is indeed a new IP.
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bozebo  +   1330d ago
Yeah, "The Last of Us" sounds like a silly name for a game to me.

But I feel it would be a new IP by the way they are stirring up hype, otherwise they would be able to grab attention by noting it as part of an existing franchise. Also, I can't think of any established game universe that it would fit into as it stands now.
xyxzor  +   1330d ago
Just a thought I had. What if the BBC video was a clue itself. Is the developer located in the UK? Media Molecule perhaps?
Bigboss19  +   1330d ago
Guerrilla Games maybe there in the UK plus working on a new ip
Whitefeather  +   1330d ago
UK?! GG are in The Netherlands!
Bigboss19  +   1330d ago
But they are apart of Sony UK....aka Sony Europe....
Pintheshadows  +   1330d ago
No ones considering Sony London Studios. All they have done this gen is Eyepet.
Lyr1c  +   1330d ago
That'd be quite interesting if it turned out to be MM. I don't know how feasible it is as Media Molecule has only developed LittleBig Planet, and are seemingly bubbly and colorful, just as their label portrays.
clarkdef  +   1330d ago
MM said themselfs that they have left LBP to work on something else, this was a while back and when they annouced it they would have most likely had already constructed something. Forgot whos taking over in keeping LBP alive but it aint gonna be MM anymore. Their words.
Lyr1c  +   1330d ago
I never said that Media Molecule was continuing LittleBig Planet.

I just said that the franchise seems to reflect the souls of the developers.

Essentially, what I meant is that the people at Media Molecule seem too

upbeat and positive to construct such a seemingly Grim game.
MizTv  +   1330d ago
El_Barto  +   1330d ago
No chance.
GraveLord  +   1330d ago
Pretty sure the exclusive is a Sony first party game.
belal  +   1330d ago
one thin is sure: the game will have some type of zombies or monsters.
geddesmond  +   1330d ago
I'm telling you guys that its Agent. Just type in Agent Green an see what comes up. Also just because the website is the last of us does not mean the games called the last of us and just cause Sony announced a game called Agent a few years ago doesn't mean Rockstars finished product will be call agent either.
Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
The only info we have on Agent is that it's set in the Cold War and is based on the world of counter-intelligence, espionage and political assassinations. None of what's been shown from Last of Us shows any of that.

Plus I don't think Rockstar is capable of producing such graphics or at least never beenknown to.
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geddesmond  +   1330d ago
Well my moneys on an Agent reveal. We only have 2 videos and 2 screen shots so we know very little about The last of us. As for graphics didn't Rockstar say they wanted to use the true potential of the PS3 for Agent so how rockstars multiplats look is no indication of how a PS3 exclusive could look from them.

Also the vietnam war happened during the Cold war era and John F kennady was assasinated in these times as well. Agent green was dropped in 1962-64. John f kennedy was assasinated in 1963, the cuban missile crisis happened in 1962.

Also ain't rockstar amazing developers.


well funny enough I saved that picture earlier to see if it had a date on the newspaper and that dude in the suit is white. Also do they still use those news stand things over in America?
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Nitrowolf2  +   1330d ago
i'm not disagreeing with you at all, cause it could be a surprise, but honestly does this look like it takes place during the cold war? I mean we can all presume that's Obama in the news paper.

Edited: Oh your right he is white, IDK Obama does look a bit pale sometimes, but yea your right.

And Yes we do have these stands still :)
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xyxzor  +   1330d ago
Yeah no way it's AGENT.
Micro_Sony  +   1330d ago
LOL can not believe people still have hopes ON playing AGENT.

The game is vaporware and some of the ideas were used in LA Noire and some will be used in Max Payne.

You have a better chance of playing Super Mario on your PS3 than playing AGENT on your PS3.

Edit: Wait.....AGENT...NERVE AGENT OMG it is AGENT. If you rearrange the letters from AGENT they spell out GTA NE which R* is making and New England will win the Super Bowl.....hahahaahahahahahahaha hahahahahahah
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Liquid_Ocelot  +   1330d ago
Put your money where your mouth is, thun.
Wanna bet? I say it's not Agent :)
MasterCornholio  +   1330d ago
I believe it's a game by quantic dreams because it's been ages since we saw anything from them.

bobrea  +   1330d ago
What's the point of writing an article with no evidence whatsoever? This is forum thread material AT BEST. It's pure speculation, so don't bother writing this shit up anymore. Have you ever heard of patience? You'll find out what it is soon enough.
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D3mons0ul  +   1330d ago
A game about infectious fungi that controls minds and causes people to elevate themselves before they die so that the spores can spread as quickly and effectively as possible.

Yeah I don't think Epic's smart enough to make something like this. Until we start seeing big guys who look like steroid abusers spouting off idiotic one liners and shooting big guns, let's not put this project and Epic Games in the same sentence....ever again.

"Epic is a great developer"

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jukins  +   1330d ago
i've been thinking this all along with cliffy b saying he wanted to do a survival horror game after gears trilogy was done guess we'll have to wait and see
SolidGear3  +   1330d ago
Could be that new Unreal engine but looks more like the new Fox engine.
SephirothX21  +   1330d ago
Last of Us youtube account was set up in 2006. Now why would the devs of Dead Nation set up an account for a sequel years before the prequel releases? In other words, its not a Dead Nation sequel. Here are the plausible possibilities: Sony Santa Monica, Rockstar Games, Epic Games, Guerilla, Quantic Dream, Kojima Productions, Capcom, Ubisoft, Eidos, Bungie and Platinum Games. Personally, I think the dev is Platinum Games.
jay2  +   1329d ago
Well, they'd can be using Unreal 3 surely with that quality?
Half-Mafia  +   1329d ago
The Last of Us is to gentle to be a Epic game. Epic is all about GUNs, ARMOR, BLOOD, DUDES
LoneWolf019  +   1329d ago
You all seem to forget theres a little studio named Bungie who finished off Halo and was going to start a new ps3 exclusive, soooooooo my money is that its Bungie. Their due to announce what they have been working on and now seems the time.
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