Call of Duty Statistics Show 20.45 Hours Played Per Player in Week One

The biggest shooter title of the year has only been out for a month, and yet it has already racked up some impressive metrics, says Raptr. In the first week alone, the average play time for the week, per player, was just over 20.45 hours, easily beating out Battlefield 3 and Gears of War 3. This number was twice the total number of hours that BF3 was able to rack up in the same amount of time.

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El_Barto2330d ago

Call Of Duty is fun and fast paced, the matches are over quickly and then your right into another match, so it's not like those other games. I tend to get quite bored with Battlefield 3 and the matches on gears 3 can take 30 minutes or more per match.

cpayne932330d ago

Funny, I find the game so repetitive I get bored with it after about an hour of playing. I do like to play cod, but only in short doses.

scrambles2330d ago

lol i played 4 matches of mw3 had a headache and felt claustrophobic

lorianguy2330d ago

Well, it IS addictive...

kramun2330d ago

That's nearly 24 hours!


That's nearly as much as someone plays Skyrim in a week. Not quite, but it's getting there.

SAE2330d ago

skyrim story is short , i completed the main story in less then 20 hours , the part that takes time are the side stories...

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The story is too old to be commented.