Realtime Worlds To Talk MMOs at GDC

Kotaku writes:

"GDC executive director Jamil Moledina updated his Director's Cut blog with a bit more news about the upcoming Game Developers Conference, cluing us into the fact that Dave Jones, of Lemmings, GTA, and Crackdown fame, will be spilling some beans about his latest project: An MMO.

Moledina says that all he can tell us is that the audience for Jones' session, "My First MMO", will be in for a real treat. I will assume that this will be about APB, the open-world criminals vs. cops game that sounds an awful lot like a Crackdown MMO."

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greenenvy3826d ago

I can't wait for this and huxley, both of which are xbox360 exclusive...

realtime worlds is one of the best developers ever in my eye, CRACKDOWN rules to this day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!