Guide to Grabbing a Wii

From the guide: "It's Dec. 4th, only three weeks left until Christmas and some other random amount of days for the other various holidays.

Luckily for me I have been able to score not one, but TWO Nintendo Wii systems in as many weeks. Many parents and teens are probably wondering how the hell I managed such an impossible feat, well that is what I am about to tell you"

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Relientk773760d ago

I dont think a guide will help u get one before christmas... unless your willing to pay ALOT for it .. like on amazon or ebay or something

SwiderMan3760d ago

Make a lot of phone calls to the suggested retailers. That's how I got a second Wii for some one else. Can't stress phoning daily enough.

Prismo_Fillusion3760d ago

The Wii ads on Ebay make me throw up a little inside.
I just looked at some out of curiosity. One that's on sale includes "14 games and 4 controllers", which is actually just Wii Sports, Wii Play, 2 controllers, and 2 nunchuks. Everyone on Craig's list counts Wii Sports as 5 games as well. And to think idiots actually buy into that stuff and get excited and buy it for $500.

Rice3760d ago

About buy a ps3 or a xbox 360????

SwiderMan3760d ago

Here's a guide to buying a PS3 or 360: Go to the store, swipe card, go home with a system.

MK_Red3760d ago

Well, I have one suggestion for any one looking for Wii: "Not worth it. Get a 360 and PS3 instead."

SwiderMan3760d ago

It's the price of what? 4 next-gen games? I'd say its worth owning in addition to one of the other major systems (or both if you're like me)