Playstation 3: All work, all play

Although PS2 is still the best-seller across the world and in India, PS3 has managed half a million since its launch late last year. "Indian culture is very different; parents are not very open to the idea of gaming which we hope we will be able to change. We plan to setup local PlayStation stores in India next year, so that customers have the chance to touch and feel the product and clear doubts with people who actually know it well," states Stokes. SCEE also has plans to improve its distribution network by increasing the number of local touch-points.

To address the price concern, SCEE is looking at producing games and accessories locally which will help bring the cost down. Although there have been losses this year, Stokes is positive about the future, "A PlayStation can be used to do everything from viewing video to playing MP3s, is much more than a console." The gaming industry is seeing a lot of action, with even chip manufacturer NVIDIA expected to get in on a bit of the action.

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Mr_Kuwabara3795d ago

Not to mention that theres over 1 billion people living in India..

solar3795d ago

i know a girl from india. super cool but looks like a frog with down syndrome. i only say that because she tried to sleep with me. and couldnt do it. ::shutters::

500k units in a year and 1 billion ppl in india? thats kinda....not good. how many ps2's sold there? do they really hate gaming that much that society shuns it like the chinese govt shuns democracy?

rofldings3795d ago (Edited 3795d ago )

Well, you still have to consider India is still a developing country... The only places where a PS2/3 would sell is the major city where people have good paying jobs.

Richdad3794d ago (Edited 3794d ago )

I mean I have not seen Ps3 owned by anyone in my known list. Although 360 is widely available. But maybe since Sony is popular in India due to PS2 where you can grab a collection of 100 games for a price near abt 40 USD. Also there are a lot of arcade store which give PS2 for play for a very low price not only in towns but in villages too. Also not mention most of the fanboys here dont even like Final Fantasy and MGS here. With such marketing why would Sony not be popular here.
I'm Glad to leave the PS side and get out of that lousy bunch of gamers.

Rice3795d ago

Its because most people in india are still regenerating for some recent events that has devasted their society

Husso3795d ago

bet yahh vgGAYchartes don't have this 0.5 million in their PS3 count.

Filanime033795d ago

I wonder if Vg chartz count india sales.

neogeo3795d ago

VG charts don't so add 0.5 million to there number

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The story is too old to be commented.