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5 reasons why the new Xbox dash sucks

The new Xbox dash seems filled with adverts and is based more for the minority of Kinect owners. (Tag Invalid, Xbox 360)

Noteworthy  +   1450d ago
The only problem I have is the lack of finer details on options. I keep downloading Zune apps by accident...
darthv72  +   1450d ago
there is no reasoning
with people that dont understand. Ads are a part of everyday life. If it meant that paying for something meant no more ads then it would be great but unfortunately like us as consumers...companies pay for ads as well.

You buy a new movie and are forced to sit through previews. Funny how that works now. Some movies you can bypass them with te press of the menu key but I'm sure we have all had that one where no matter what you press...you get that red circle with the line through it. That tells me that the advertising money the studio got for disabling that feature was worth more than what the consumer pays.

TV commercials on paid subscriptions to tv service. POP up ads on web pages through a service that is paid for. Ads on the back wall of sporting events you see at games or even on tv. Ads that drive around the streets on the side of buses or even on the inside of buses where people paid to ride.

Advertisement on the walls of the bathroom of clubs or resturants people pay to be a patron. Those are all extreme examples of the marketing power that $$$ can provide. It would not surprise me if adverts would be placed in games (oh wait...).

The ads the live service has are different than all of those examples. The ads live has are non intrusive. Meaning they are by choice to view. In some ways they offer gaming related stuff to those who do view them.

I guess the flip side is, if there was no ad you would never know if it would be something of interest.
Hicken  +   1450d ago
The problem with these ads- a problem you and many others don't seem to understand- is that they shouldn't be present within a service you're already paying for.

Free as it is, there are no such ads when you start up your PS3. And only select pages within PSN have ads. If your paying for XBL goes for all the server costs and such, why would they still need to show you ads?
darthv72  +   1450d ago
"there are no such ads when you start up your PS3"
the simple reason for that is the xmb is detached from the rest of the PSN. The 360 dash is incorporating everything from the basic personal stuff to the rest of the live service in one seamless approach.

When you go to the store on the psn you get ads. You go to home you get ads, etc. This is why the comparison of live to psn always fails. Live you fell.....like you are there with anything at your fingertips.

PSN you feel detached and separate from everything. Like the XMB/PSN is a mall. Everything is isolated from the next. Live is a superstore with freedom to move about as you wish.

I pay for live because i like the quality of the service and what it offers. That is something people who werent there from the beginning just wouldnt understand.

To your point..."The problem with these ads is that they shouldn't be present within a service you're already paying for." we dont live in should land.
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Iroquois_Pliskin  +   1449d ago
You do realise that you are paying to watch ads? XBL aint free friend.
kreate  +   1450d ago
if ur a ps3 gamer, the new xbox dashboards will feel very comfortable becuz the feel of it is similar to that of the ps3's cross media bar.

it is more colorful with ads but doesnt seem to really get in the way.

overall the new feel seems good.
aviator189  +   1450d ago
I really like it, especially the search option and cloud storage. I really don't mind the adverts, they're just there and sometimes I even check them out once in a while if they're interesting.
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consolez_FTW  +   1450d ago
*Looks at article title*

*Looks at website that made article*

Judging from what I've seen at my friends house ( he owns kinect ) this new dashboard just seems more slick and modern, nice if you ask me. Though I do agree with the Ads, but Xboxlive had those before too...so it doesn't really bother that much.
zerocrossing  +   1450d ago
Wait a minuet, the 360 has Ads on the dashboard now? then why are MS still having us pay for online?
Tr10wn  +   1450d ago
The 360 has ad's since like 2009 there is nothing new about it, and if you mean by "us" me well then i pay so the system don't get hacked, no outage, and my credit card is safe
bobrea  +   1450d ago
inb4 fanboys start crying

Also, lol @ a paid service that shoves ads in your face. I'm glad I never renewed my Live membership. What a waste of money.
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Tanir  +   1450d ago
idiots are idiots for a reason. i dont understand why someone would pay for live just to play cod all day when they could play on PC or ps3 for free

the ads are ridiculous and idiots saying it makes it feel more like an interactive media center are so easily bran washed there will never be any getting any sense into them.

on anotther note, the original layout was the best and easiest to navigate, now not as good as the ps3 layout but it wasnt so bad, just was ugly.

ps3 has animated themes, sound effects, is labeled correctly and easy to use
DeathAvengers  +   1450d ago
I'm an idiot? That's news to me. Have you ever thought the reason I don't buy a playstation and use their free service is preference?
Captain Qwark 9  +   1450d ago
i like the ads myself, once in a while i see something i didnt know came out and i want it or something i wanted and is currently on a nice sale. there not obtrusive and dont take away from the experience or make it harder for me to navigate.

i have zero problems with them, you just seem overly critical and nitpicky. seems like its that time of the month for somebody......( Tanir )

and the interface for the PS3 sucks dong. syncing trophies is a chore, reading messages in annoying as shit becuase of the way they bundle them. its slow and unresponsive when you hit the guide button. and overall it needs work, alot of work. seems to me like your just a ps3 fanboy pissed becuase its been running the same interface since it dropped.
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Bigpappy  +   1450d ago
Like the more sensable person above you (consolez_FTW) has pointed out. There were there before the update and can not therefore be a strike against the new dash.

Oh, and these adds are not pop-up or people kelling at you when you change the page. They are quite passive really.
Intentions  +   1450d ago
Really... Why is people complaining about the ads? It is ONLY one ad, which only changes when you go back/refresh the dashboard.

It isn't like you're going to stay on that certain tab all the time.
Zynga  +   1450d ago
What a waste of a bubble.
TheColbertinator  +   1450d ago
The new dashboard update is a colossal abortion.It looks hideous and truly insults clean interfaces.

I miss the blades from 2006,now that was Microsoft efficiency.
DeathAvengers  +   1450d ago
FACTUAL evidence  +   1450d ago
XBL have half of gig of cloud storage, where ps3 owners try to fight to get 200mb...
darthv72  +   1450d ago
correction. "where ps3 PLUS members try to fight to get 200mb".

Cloud storage is a paid subscriber perk for PS3.
StrongMan  +   1449d ago

Cloud storage is a paid subscriber perk on XBL too, just like Facebook and Twitter.
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cstyle  +   1450d ago
The new dashboard is awesome. Sounds like most of you are just haters. MS has done more to improve functionality of its service in one year than sony has ever done. Very innovative.
kma2k  +   1450d ago
Im getting a kinect for christmas for my little one, im excited to watch him play the disneyland game. I like the new update but i think it looks like it will be much easier to use with the kinect.
Sticky__Rice  +   1450d ago
Candy1  +   1450d ago
Xbox live should be without adverts having to be thrown at our faces particularly for gold members as it's fully paid by subscribers.
Zynga  +   1450d ago
Blah blah cry me river baby, the new dashboard looks slick and awesome.
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1450d ago
ya can talk all the Bs about the ps3 but if i want to see ads i turn on the tv....i love the xmb easy to use no problems with synchronize trophies and i can read and send messages with no problems......ps3 all the way baby oh yea we had cloud for the longest and again easy to use
darthv72  +   1450d ago
keep in mind
you need to be a plus member for cloud storage. And psn has ads too.
andron666  +   1450d ago
Yeah but the ads are only in the store, not plastered all over the user interface like this new dash...
TheDivine  +   1449d ago

Psn has adds on the hats new section and running across the top right letting you know what cme out and what dlc is new. Same thing except on xbl you dont have to search through the xmb to see whats new.
ZippyZapper  +   1450d ago
LoL only PS3 trolls in here. Welcome to N4G
TheColbertinator  +   1450d ago
lol Really?

I only play my 360,my PS3 collects dust and I find the new dashboard appalling.

N4G Rules :

You disapprove of something MS did=PS3 troll

You disapprove of something Sony did=360 troll

You kids need to get along.
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hiredhelp  +   1450d ago
Well said m8.
Btw dust off that ps3 ;)
_Aarix_  +   1449d ago
you disapprove of something Sony did= pissed off ps3 owner who will give even a mild comment agaist the ps3 over 30 more disagrees as oppose to agrees. Xbox fanboys are pretty non existent
spacedelete  +   1450d ago
ads on a console ? what is the world coming to ? so glad i still have a PS2. you turn console on, there is only one main menu, you put the disc in and you play. there is no freaking ad for some random shaver gel -_-
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CPTN MITCHELL  +   1450d ago
@zippyzapper what about 360 trolls on ps3 news...... Don't cry about ps3 trolls and go looks at sum ads on ur 360
_Aarix_  +   1449d ago
The ps3 trolls outweigh Xbox 30-1 I know maybe 2-3 xbox trolls if that
optimus  +   1450d ago
wow really? you all talk like they force you to watch the ads. personally, i litterally had to look for the ad to figure out that it was an ad. that's how non-obtrusive it is...as for the article, that's really nit-picking. change the colors of the the windows? really?? he bitches about wanting to "just play the game" but is agonizing about an added little distraction as changing dashboard colors...

and i'll also point out that he complains about having non gaming apps in our face instead of the option to jump into a game...yet if you look at the menu bar the games menu comes way before the apps menu so he had to scroll across and take his pic to try to prove his point. also you can jump in and play your game straight from the home menu...nice try.


look at the lower right of his dashboard, the irony complaining about how it sucks for non-kinect users yet all his pics show a kinect being used.
IHateYouFanboys  +   1449d ago
lol at people carrying on about "there shouldnt be ads on XBL because its a paid service". have any of you ever actually used ANY OTHER PAID SERVICE?! there are ads in basically every single one lol.

Pay TV? ads galore.
Pay for membership to websites? ads galore.
Pay for a Gym membership? ads galore in the gyms and in the mail.

Xbox Live didnt invent ads on a paid service lol.

Also, 99% of the "ads" are about DLC content for games. how is telling you about DLC for games a BAD thing?! many times i see something on the dashboard and think 'oh i didnt know that was out' or 'hmm i didnt know about that' and am interested in them. on my PS3 i rarely download anything purely because to even know if theres anything to get i have to go into the god awful PS Store app which looks and feels like it was designed by a blind mentally challenged donkey.
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SDF Repellent  +   1449d ago
"Also, 99% of the "ads" are about DLC content for games. how is telling you about DLC for games a BAD thing?! "

exactly. I actually like it as it tells me what is new and what is on sale etc.. LOL at all the PS3 trolls here on this tread. If you guys don't like it, go back to your free PSN dashboard and stop complaining about something you guys desperately hate.
delosisland  +   1449d ago
Don't click xbox articles u freakin losers. Go play heavy rain.... I don't click ps3 articles because its not my system of preference. Please do us all a favor- DON'T EVER CLICK ON XBOX RELATED ARTICLES AGAIN. is that so hard? To not come here and call us "sheep" and "idiots"?? Is it really, really that hard...
CPTN MITCHELL  +   1449d ago
i rather play heavy rain before i play halow my bad halo....delosisland why r u so mad? Also i like how u call ur self a sheep and idiot
hazelamy  +   1449d ago
the ads are annoying, but i can live with them.
of course if i paid for gold and was bombarded with ads i'd be proper ticked off.

the real problem for me is the whole interface is designed for kinect users.

with bing finding stuff is probably easy, but trying to navigate that bloody mess is a nightmare.

everytime they change the dashboard it gets harder to find things on it.
B1663r  +   1449d ago

Really, you are gonna stealth troll this??? On N4g of all places? You would get more bubs if you just came out of pro-trolled it.

Since you only have silver, you have no need to log on, so you don't get any adds. So the first two lines of your post are a total lie.

The interface in Kinect enhanced and it is extremely cool, but it is an entirely different control track. So you flat out lied on line three as well.

Line four is a lie as well... I think the tabbish markers at top of screen have greatly enhanced awareness of where you are in this new interface...

And line 5 is a lie as well... just because you have obviously never used an xbox and you are claiming experience you have never had.

Every element of everything you just said, is not only wrong, but you lied to make your troll claims...

But why stealth troll on N4g???
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