PlayStation Turning Blue for 'Change in Branding Direction'

Gadgehit writes: "If you’ve been paying attention to the latest trailers and videos coming out of Sony PlayStation, you will have noticed that the videos now lean to a blue colouring, as opposed to the red colour that was initially associated with the PlayStation 3. Some people have argued that this is to support Sony’s new PlayStation Vita handheld, which seems to be claiming “blue” as its associated colour, but this is not the case."

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-Alpha2328d ago

Eh, I've always associated blue with PlayStation since PS2

miyamoto2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

Sony hasn't got a clue with what they were doing with the red and black PS3 re-brand packaging. They really are very slow....

I mean they were heralding blu-ray and their game packaging were not in blue like standard blu-ray movies?

their "It only does everything campaign was in blue and here they are coloring their boxes red and black... wtheck!?

I love the blue color strategy it unifies everything PlayStation related.

HappyGaming2328d ago

It would have been weird if both bluray movies and ps3 games had blue casing... and my PS3 box was white in the uk

LNDCalling2328d ago

@axelstone I feel I want to disagree but I can't as I agree with a lot of what you said!

Maybe not Sony's strongest point that but hey hopefully they'll live and learn! :/

kreate2328d ago

xbox = green
ps3 = red/blue
wii = white

Micro_Sony2328d ago

Sony should stick with the Black and Silver.

ShoryukenII2328d ago

Blue might help them sell more to Americans because it is on their flag. I'm not American but blue seems like a safe and familiar colour.

Mr Tretton2328d ago

@ ShoryukenII, as an American I would say such a thing doesn't matter.

BattleAxe2328d ago

They're going back to what made the PS2 popular.

JellyJelly2328d ago Show
MaxXAttaxX2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

then I don't mind.
Basically, any color is fine.

However, I think blue is a great idea.

Gamer19822327d ago

Hmm yeah X-Box Green, Wii White and PS Blue although they did try with the red in US with PS and confused only themselves.

Christopher2327d ago

I do find it a bit funny, the color change as it relates to the U.S.

Red = republican
Blue = democrat

But, yeah, blue has been a part of the PS brand since the PS2.

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Cosmit2328d ago

Yeah me too. Hopefully consoles stay black and not blue as a standard color! :P

PickAShoe2328d ago

I used to care about Playstation color just like you, then I took an arrow to the knee.

Cosmit2328d ago

Well it would make more sense if you took an arrow to the eye seeing as how if you were blind you wouldn't care about the color.

For the laughs :D

Kurisu2328d ago

I wonder if they will make a blue PS3 logo to pop up when you start a game? I don't know why they stopped the "Playstation 3" logo from showing, as it's something that's been there since PS1.

Bach2328d ago

The blue PS2 box is the sexiest console package ever.

xtreampro2328d ago

Although the PS2 came in a packaged in a blue box every PS2 game add on TV finished with a white PS logo with a black background, or it would say PlayStaion 2 in white with a black background.

metsgaming2328d ago

I like the blue it looks very clean and professional, the black was the same but the blue is a nice change of pace and makes everything seem more lively.

SuperNerd2328d ago

PS always makes me think of black or grey

KontryBoy7062327d ago

Agreed. That's exactly what I was going to comment. This isn't news. It's been the case since the PS2

Bleucrunch2327d ago

Although Blue is an awesome Color...this really isnt a big deal in my I hope my fellow bloggers do not blow this way out of proportion.

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rickhunter892328d ago

still love the original ps1 logo

colonel1792328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I miss the sony computer entertainment intro from PS1.

egidem2328d ago

Aahhh...good times good times! Amazing how that never bored me compared to how I can't even stand 10 second commercials. Some go as far as 1 minute and they don't even allow you to skip them. Refresh the browser, hit play and it plays again.

On the subject...I too miss that intro from the PS1.

kaveti66162328d ago

They should bring that back as an optional boot-up intro

Coffin872328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

This is for all you guys:
[Warning: contains nostalgia]

Marceles2328d ago

I miss that logo alot. I used to stare at the top of my PS1 system just to look at it. I felt like "the man" owning one early on.

Panthers2328d ago

Wow that brings back memories. Loved that startup sound. So epic. Reminds me of playing the original Warhawk more than anything.

SweatyFlorida2328d ago

Agreed. Always thought that logo signified variety with all the different colors, all joining into one console.

I really hope they bring it back, perhaps modernize the logo a bit and make the colors not so retro.

Tonester9252328d ago

Past Potential Playstation Logos

SignifiedSix2328d ago

God, i miss those days. That has got to be one of the best start-ups known in the history of console gaming!
Makes me wanna buy a PS1 lol

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MasterCornholio2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

After seeing the Vita game boxes and console boxes I am not surprised. At least it's better than Nintendo's red because when I see Mario it reminds me of a communist worker. Microsoft's green for the 360 isn't a bad color either.


blaze22-qwerty2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

I <3 Red & Blue

FFXI1012328d ago

They use the color for the package too(headset, controller) it looks nice.

I got the one that comes with UC1&2 for 59.99(the controller is blue) or you can get the black one with R1&2 for the same price. Is pretty good deal, you get two games and the controller for $59.99.

egidem2328d ago

Even the Vita game case is blue.

egidem2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

@FFXI101 - Yep!
I just have to find the article...

Edit: found it!

FFXI1012328d ago

Thanks for the photo! They looks pretty cool, I like them.