Is Activision the New Electronic Arts?

Aeropause writer Joe Haygood takes a look at the Activision-Vivendi merger and ponders the idea of Activision becoming the new Electronic Arts of the gaming world.

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PS360WII3906d ago

Well with them saying that Guitar Hero and Call of Duty are going to be a yearly thing... it's possible

pwnsause3906d ago

hopefully they dont s$it on their games like what EA does.

ktchong3906d ago

Ubisoft is the new EA, with releasing buggy software like Assassin's Creed and all that.

Relcom3906d ago

I agree with a new Guitar hero every year but a new COD every will probally result in a sh1t game ie... COD3

Kholinar3906d ago

Hmmm... still got some work to do.

Now if they'd signed an exclusive deal with the RIAA to have full rights to all existing music for future Guitar Hero games, I'd say they were there...

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The story is too old to be commented.