Thieves steal thousands of dollars worth of gaming systems

Over 100 gaming systems were stolen from a Manchester video game store.

Police said they believe several suspects were involved. The thieves bore through a wall of a vacant business to gain access to the GameStop Store on March Avenue.

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Ignorant Fanboy3519d ago

Do those consoles count as shipped or sold?

ruibing3519d ago (Edited 3519d ago )

A few hundred consoles of mixed types won't really affect anything. I'm just glad no one was hurt.

joydestroy3519d ago

hahaha...ahhh people are funny.

SweeneyTodd3519d ago

watch out for them on ebay from the uk, generally criminals have no brains

Relientk773519d ago

what a bunch of losers... seriously

HeartlesskizZ3519d ago

did they also took some guitars from GH? those are expensive

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