Warhawk Omega Dawn: Dropship first flight - Exclusive video

Gamersyde has posted this exclusive video of Dropship first flight.

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C_SoL3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

(1st comment in other post)
but no, nobody listens to me.....
they gave credit to the guy down below & gave him bubbles...
I need bubbles, please! :)

EDIT:Thanks man, I'll return the favor...I feel like a bum askin for change which is giving me bad vibes....(:l)

hotshot12373820d ago

but bubbles for you. im gonna add 1 full bubble right NOW

PS3PCFTW3820d ago


massive firepower but also mad slow.

the six tows......does that mean that if you have 6 passengers they can shoot the missiles while the pilot uses the guns?? WTF

thats massive destruction right there. I wonder if 1 pov missile can take it out

Im guessing its 1 per team until it respawns......a new strategy to a already fantastic game........

PS3 Limps on and on3820d ago

That the best online game ever is on the PS3 ironically.

And it's Warhawk and not Halo or Call of Duty or some big name game for the imfamous XBOX Live service and their achievments.

sonarus3820d ago

well said very well said indeed. Warhawk isnt the most realitsic and is extremely arcady but when you are playing 16 vs 16 capture the flag on a16 vs 16 map it gets crazy. I stopped playing for a while but started playing again as soon as rumors for new maps came up. Gonna take a while before i discover where all the weapons are in the map.

Would be nice to see them expand into some kind of water vehicle they would probably have to make a bigger map for that

Close_Second3820d ago (Edited 3820d ago )

...Warhawk looks like fun (reminds me of the type of fun I had playing Wings on the Amiga 500 in the early 90's) however, I dare say the PC holds the current claim to fame for the best on-line gamer at the moment in Warcraft.

Consoles are still in their infancy with regards to on-line gaming however, Warhawk is a huge step in the right direction. I just wish we could get some unbiased comments rather than the fanboy inspired dribble you seem to like serving up.

pwnsause3820d ago

I can already see myself blowing this dropship right out of the sky with my turrets

Whoooop3820d ago

You will get blown away with the "3 amigos" long before you can reload...


add me f*kers so we can play some warhawk..


Panthers3820d ago

how many guns does that thing have? Its a beast.

Kleptic3820d ago

3 guns per side for the heavy support cannon...which appears to be second only to the tow missle in terms of destructive power...

and then it has 6 total individually man'd 360 degree turrets that appear to fire a single swarm missle (not sure if more than one missle can be locked on at a time, like the Warhawk's ability, though...)...

the turrets can only be opened when the support cannon is retracted...but basically...if you manage to have 6 other people in this thing with you...its a total fortress...

rumored for the maps to have more ground turrets now also, to compensate...which can be good and bad...I bet that dropship takes 6 total missle turret hits (so 3 "shots" from a MT) took more than a full clip from the flak cannons...and that was with direct hits...I wonder if a direct hit from a TOW missle even takes it out...

I can't wait though...the new map alone looks completely awesome...

Rythrine3820d ago

That Dropship looks sick! Is it just me or that sound when it opens up for its cannons reminds me of Terran's Siege Tank in Starcraft? Nwei, I won't be piloting this baby since I suck at them but I'll make sure it eats a lot of my stinger missiles :)

timmyp533820d ago

you hear that rate of fire?

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